Place without sense
Date: January 31st 2005
Game: Quake III Arena
Title: Place without sense
File: q3map-moses_dm10.pk3
Map Name: moses_dm10.bsp
Author: Freddie "Moses" Wakanno / [FSF]Moses
Email address: **email removed**
Description: Action takes place in an old castle/fortress.
Quite a large conbat area with several levels
of heights.

id Software for making such a great game!

[FSF]Sandy for giving food, drinks
and emotional support while mapping.
I luv ya baby!

Supported Gametypes

Tourney: no
Deathmatch: yes
Team DeathMatch: yes
Capture The Flag: no
Harvester (TA): no
OneFlag (TA): no
Overload (TA): no
Bot File (aas): Yes (Optimized)
New Sounds: no
New Graphics: no
New Music: no

Base: My own idea ie. from scratch...
Editor: gtkRadiant 1.2.13
Other Software: Windows XP Professional UK
Other Progs: Q3Map Tools 0.6.11 by Hr.O (Keep 'm going!)
Compiler: Ydnar's Q3map2 2.5.15 - Great work Ydnar!:)
Hardware: AMD Duron 1.3 GHz / 256 MB
Gainward GeForce 3 MX Ti200
1x 20 GB Maxtor HD
1x 120 GB Maxtor HD
Know Bugs: Some small texture mis-alignments and such.
You should buy a decent machine and
video-card to play Quake III Arena
in full glory (big grin)
Build Time: approx. 14 Months
Compile time: approx. 41 Minutes
Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

This map may not be included on any CD or exploited
commercially in any way without the prior permission
of the author. It may not be used as a base for
other peoples maps. This zip file may be distributed
freely in *any* electronical format (not including
material format, such as CD or Zip Disk) without the
prior permission of the author as long as the zip
file remains unmodified. Thank you.

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