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WTF Q3A v3
Thank you for downloading WTF-Q3A-v3.zip. The official website of the WTF-Q3A : www.planetquake.com/wtf-q3a/ ------------------ -- INSTALLATION -- ------------------ Unzip the enclosed file "WTF-Q3A-v3.pk3" and place it into the /base3 folder located in your Quake III Arena game folder. This map is designed for use with Quake III Arena and/or Quake III Team Arena. This mappack requires Q3A Pointrelease 1.29f or later to work as intended, available free from the Internet. ------------------------------- -- 25 MAPS AUTHORS & WEBSITE -- ------------------------------- 79DieselRabbit : www.planetquake.com/darkside/ AEon : www.planetquake.com/aeons/ amethyst7 : amethyst7.gotdoofed.com/ BerneyBoy : www.planetquake.com/berneyboy/ BETAmax : ef.filefront....file.info?ID=1743 blahDL : gambitsdefrag.free.fr/ ButterB : www.planetquake.com/butterb/ Casey : www.threewave.com/ Demolition : www.demolitionq3a.tk/ Greg (skin[NCN]master) Crockatt : www.crockatt.computed.net/ Hal9000 : www.whatthehal.com/ Hr.O : planetquake.com/hro Immortal : www.planetquake.com/immortal/ Lanzelot : www.quake3stuff.com/q3me/maps NemiX : www.planetqua...per.asp?art=NemiX Noname : home.arcor.de/nobasti/ MeNtHoL : www.planetquake.com/gridiron/ Mr.LyCon : q3chris.hypermart.net%20/ on-X : www.on-x.net/ Padman : www.worldofpadman.com/ Q aka Agent Orange : www.lvlmaker.co.uk/ Quaker-X : www.planetquake.com/quakerx/ Scancode : www.threewave.com/ ScrotcH : www.planetquake.com/bkp/ skOre : www.skore.de/ --------------------- -- MAP INFO & TIPS -- --------------------- This MapPack includes 48 different CTF maps, There are 2 flags per team, 1 weapon per map. The concept of WTF-Q3A is quite simple. By default, everybody starts with full ammo, and only 1 weapon. By doing so, the WTF-Q3A looks like a MOD, but it's really conventional maps, humm! The focus is on gameplay through raw skill, not weapon manipulation. There are two opposite rooms. When you get in the enemy room you can either catch the enemy flag, pick up a tech or kill the enemies. Most common choice is to catch the flags and come back to your base to cap. If you don't want the enemy to cap your flag, you can take both flags, but consider that it takes more time to do so. For those who like to play defensive, they will certainly enjoy this map. If you and your team player both have a flag but your team player gets killed. You have two choices to return your team flag to the base. (1)Touch the flag on the floor. (2)Capture your own flag and the one on the floor will return to the base. If you catch both enemy flags, you don't get double points, but you advise the enemy that he can't cap his flags. If you capture both enemy flags, and if when you return in your base one of your team flags is still there, the fact that you capped the enemy flag, they will reapper in the enemy base and then the enemy can now cap his flag. It can happen that 3 players of the same team can have each a flag: 2 players have each an enemy flag. One of the players looses his flag and the enemy returns his team flag. Then 2 flags reappear in the enemy base while two other players of your team are there. They both catch a flag, plus your team player outside that still has his flag. Possibility of lot of points for your team. Also when one player has a flag and another player of the same team capture an enemy flag that will bring back 2 flags in the enemy base. As you can see there are many interesting strategies that can be used in WTF-Q3A. If you pick up an AMMO item, you will become automatically FULL AMMO. To avoid easy control on powerup item, they are set with random time. An interesting thing in WTF-Q3A-06 everyone plays with an BFG an every time you respawn you have 200% heart & 200% armor. Another thing very interesting, is that 4 SpaceMaps using the Railgun were included. Our priorities where gameplay and mapspeed rather then detailed look. After ours of testing and making lots of map changes we think we reached our goals. Numbers of maps: 48 maps Version: 3.0 Bot support (aas): Bots are fully supported and play fine (bots love small maps), but this mappack was designed for multi-player/internet use. Recommended players: Optimal for 2 - 4 Players in each team or 4 to 6 in deathmatch. pk3-File contains: .aas, .bsp, .arena, textures, screenshot, shader, MD3, readme file. Custom textures: Yes Custom shader scripts: Yes, logo on floor, team flags, textures... Custom sounds: Yes Custom Models Yes -------------------------- -- GAME TYPES SUPPORTED -- -------------------------- Deathmatch Yes Tournament Yes TEAM DM Yes CTF Yes, very fun in CTF game type One Flag CTF Yes Obelisk Yes Harvester Yes How to play in Q3A: 1. Start Quake III Arena. 2. Select 'Singleplayer' from the menu. 3. Click the 'Skirmish' button. 4. Change the Game Type to 'Capture the flag'. 5. Click the right arrow button until you see "wtf-q3a-01". 6. Highlight "wtf-q3a-01" by clicking on it and then click Next. 7. Select the bot you wish to play against and his/her skill level. 8. Click the FIGHT button to begin play. How to play in Q3TA: IF RUNNING SERVER: Map will appear in the "StartServer" menu of Tema Arena; set options and run normally. IF JOINING SERVER: Join as you would normally. You can use WTF-Q3A maps as a complement in a regular CTF match, like overtime Rocket Arena in Quake II. A regular match of 8 flags could be followed by a WTF-Q3A map with a limit of 15 flags. For the Deathmatch or CTF, the WTF-Q3A are ideal for LanParty. ---------------- -- MAKING MOD -- ---------------- New in version 3 to facilitate the job for people who are making mods compatible to WTF-Q3A. - In the worldspawn I had ( "WTF" , "weapons number" ) 1 - Gauntlet 2 - MachinGun 3 - Shotgun 4 - Grenade Lancher 5 - Rocket Lancher 6 - Lithing Gun 7 - Railgun 8 - Plasma 9 - BFG - In the .arena file, I add ( "TYPE" , "ffa tourney team ctf cctf oneflag overload harvester wtf" ), as you can see, the WTF was added. It allows to activate WTF within your mod and then only WTF maps will be available/see. - I also add the tag for all flags for the entities ( "classname" , "team_CTF_redflag" ), this one : ("flg" , "1 or 2"), as you can see, I added FLG 1 and 2 for red flags, which allows to identify each flags. Same was done for the blue flags. Mod coders will be able to display all flags in the HUG, and/or modify the score structure as we will know of many flags are captured. - New bots support Grapple/Hook "grapplereach" for all map. ----------------- -- OTHER STUFF -- ----------------- Don't hesitate to send me feedback! and please tell me if you reviewed it or put it on a server. **email removed** Release date: 02/08/04 (DD/MM/YY) -------------------- -- MANY THANKS TO -- -------------------- Special thanks Special thanks to Q (www.lvlmaker.co.uk/) for very big assistance. Ydnar for his wonderful compiler : shaderlab.com/ Thanks to everyone at Q3W Level Editing forums for helping me out with stuff generally. ID-software for making Quake III Arena, Quake III Team Arena and all of the BEST 3D shoot-em-ups! Texture Thanks Sock www.planetquake.com/simland/ Cardigan : cardigan.digitalarenas.com/ Mighty Pete : www.planethalflife.com/wadfather/ Evil lair : evillair.net Jaj's : www.planetquake.com/jaj/ Dave Bulow : www.planetquake.com/davebulow/ amethyst7 : amethyst7.gotdoofed.com/ MrLycon : www.quake3house.com/ PadCrash : www.padworld.de/ speedy : www.planetquake.com/speedy/ BerneyBoy : www.planetquake.com/berneyboy/ Skybox from the Dreamcast mappack in map WTF-Q3A-15 MD3 Thanks K-a-B-a-l to make md3 (Flag Banner), use in WTF-Q3A-2 (www.planetquake.com/kabalarena/) Herve Groussin to make md3 (Minotaur), use in WTF-Q3A-3 (**email removed**) Drahd to make md3 (Goblin Gargoyle), use in WTF-Q3A-3 (**email removed**) QkennyQ to make md3 (Cross), use in WTF-Q3A-05 (qkennyq.tripod.com/) Jeffrey R Chaplin to make md3 (ruilaanh guard statue), use in WTF-Q3A-06 PyroFragger to make md3 (Trees), use in WTF-Q3A-07 (**email removed**) Rungy to make md3 (Waterfall), use in WTF-Q3A-07 (**email removed**) Todd Gantzler to make md3 (Multi-Plant Pack), use in WTF-Q3A-07 (**email removed**) QkennyQ to make md3 (Horned), use in WTF-Q3A-08 (qkennyq.tripod.com/) Todd Gantzler to make md3 (Egypt md3), use in WTF-Q3A-10 and WTF-Q3A-11 (**email removed**) Prefabs Thank Q to make Prefabs (Pendulum) use in WTF-Q3A-1 (**email removed**) Ferrao to make Prefabs (bridge1), use in WTF-Q3A-07 (www.ferrao.de) Jörg Jasper to make Prefabs (Fortessbridge), use in WTF-Q3A-05 ---------------------------- -- DISTRIBUTION/COPYRIGHT -- ---------------------------- WTF-Q3A logos copyright (c) 2001, 2004 **email removed** All maps copyright their respective author. Textures copyright their respective owners. All rights reserved. THIS BSP/PK3 IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. THE AUTHOR FURTHER DISCLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE ENTIRE RISK ARISING OUT OF THE USE OR PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE AND DOCUMENTATION REMAINS WITH YOU. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHOR BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF BUSINESS PROFITS, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION, OR OTHER PECUNIARY LOSS) ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARE OR DOCUMENTATION EVEN IF THE AUTHOR HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. This level may not be used by mod authors or be included in level packs without permission from author. This level is not made by or supported by id Software. It requires a registered version of QUAKE III ARENA. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION.
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