Polish MidAir Mappack
title: Polish MidAir Mappack
filename: Polish Mid-Air MapPack.pk3
dAde (**email removed**), NemiX (**email removed**),
NecrosiS (**email removed**), Qmit3 (**email removed**),
Requiem (**email removed**), Tymon (**email removed**)

description: Quake3 maps designed as MIDAIR style maps. Playing on these maps
can improve your rocket skill, because you're jumping all the time
only whith rocket laucher in hands :D First of all was Qmit3's map,
and it was a lot of fun with it, so other mappers decided to make
something like this :) Someone at the maps section on our forum said
that it would be grate to compile all these maps into a mappack :)
After that two other mappers have made their maps, so there we are :)
Have fun playing on these maps, as we had making it ;)

If you're lookin for details check out other txt files in this folder. Every map has its own readme :) NemiX wrote description in polish so don't be surprised ;)

how to play: place pk3 file in your quake3/baseq3/ folder and start Quake III: Arena