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Knightmare Keep
11:15 AM 8/21/2004 Title: Knightmare Keep File Name: mjkq3adm3.pk3 Author: <:ShadowZombie:> Real Mug: Michael J Klocke E-Mail: **email removed** **email removed** (Constuction) Base: From Scratch Editor: Q3Radiant202 New Texture's: No New Sound's No The long wait: Well I wiped the dust off and pulled out the work I started so long ago and finished it up.Now I feel I have become alot wiser and better at mapping than in the past (of course).Didn't take to long to add here 'N' there cause I already had in mind everything I wanted to do before I got my new system.So here it is.Batteries are in included;) Compile Time: Around 15 Mins Other Prog's: Q3map2 - By Ydnar (this program is killer) No pun towards Q3build which got this map started.Thanks to Sagnor and Azrknight;) (Play Information) Game Type: Free For All/Tournament Bot Support: Yes (Updated) Player's: 2-8 (Map Information) Compile: Full_Vis/Light Extra Brush Count: 1141 Entities: 158 Brush Count_Non Entity: 949 This is a remake of Fatal Instinct (Q3Tourney5) with a face lift so to say, and a little extra that i would have liked to have seen in it. Don't get me wrong Fatal Instinct was built nicely and plays great, but I thought it was a little cramp so I opened up just slightly and thickened the atmosphere some for that heavy chest grabbing feeling. Inspiration Factor was the key to this. I love Q3tourney5 and ID Software for Quake3. I tried to keep everything the same as far as the layout and items/weapons, but not so close to being the exact same...I hope you enjoy my map and see how much I do love building maps and trying to become a better mapper each and everyday. Thank's for playing, and happy fragging!!;) <:ShadowZombie:> See you in the next Arena (Legal) You may (NOT) use my map as a foundation to build another You may and (Implore) distibute my map as long as this read-me Text is included/unaltered in anyway You can (Not) copy to cd's w/out prior written permission Quake3Arena is a registered trademark of Id Software Inc. 1999-2000 <:eof:>
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