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Stronghold in Space (trickers editon)
:: SF3DM2 - Stronghold in Space :: (trickers editon) =================================================================== Name: SF3DM2 (trickers editon) Title: "Stronghold in Space" Version: 3.0 tricker edition Author: SwiFty Game mode: Free for All, Team deathmatch, Tricking Number of Players: 6 - 12 Textures: Classic Quake 3 Textures (gothic mixed with base) ASS file: Yes (default bots: Major, Sorlag, Doom) =================================================================== Short note: Huge open map, with all of weapon (without bfg10k), quad, haste, medikid and also teleporter. Becouse of size and visibility this map is bad for tourney meetings. Primary, map was destined for real classic deathmatch, but in time, people use it for doing some kind of tricks. This version is especially designed for them. There are more bouncebag places, some small curves and new places on map to visit. Of course map could be use also to play normal matches. =================================================================== From author: The Players Clan site (for the moment inactive): http://clantp.prv.pl Biggest Q3 polish site in Poland http://q3arena.gry.wp.pl My e-mail: **email removed** Thx for: tP|Venom (map best fan ;] ) =================================================================== All right reserved - Swifty 2004 Poland - do not modify or change package container.
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