The Colosseum (2)
The Colosseum by {DEMO}LITION

The Vadrigar had decided to steal the Colosseum arena from the first
Tombraider game. The Vadrigar, being the Vadrigar, must have blood and
gibs. To do this, they changed the arena, giving them increased viewing
pleasure. The Quake 3 gladaitors no longer have to face just each
other, they have to face the traps and secerets of this deadly map.

This is my first quake 3 map. I used GtKRadiant to create this map.
I got into map creation simply because I do not like many of the q3
maps available to download at the moment. I found that GTKRadiant was
the best map editor, so I downloaded it from It is
a very simple editor, and I recommend to anyone who wants to create a
map, providing they are old enough to understand the functions of the
editor (my own age being 15). Download it if you want to create a map
for fun, or if you don't like any of the maps you download.

Map info:
Title: The Colosseum
Author: {DEMO}LITION (Paul Barlow)
File name: colosseum.pk3
File size: 765KB
Player spawn spots: 5
Weapons: !find out for yourself!
Q3 game support: FFA/DM (recommended), TDM, 1v1
Bot support: Yes (although it doesn't work very well on Quake 3
version 1.11, but is fine on Quake 3 version 1.30)
Secrets: Two (you can tell when you have found one by the voice that
says "secret area")

Put in your Quake 3/baseq3 folder and load up Quake 3. Go to the
skirmish option and look for the map called colosseum. If it is not
there (because you have an older version of Quake 3) then type into
the console: \map colosseum or type into the console:
\devmap colosseum (for cheats).

The map includes a two minute demo called: demolitiondm1.dm3 . Once
the map is in your baseq3 folder, the demo should come up in the demos
section (providing you don't have the latest Quake 3 versions, as they
use a different demo format). To watch the demo in third person view
(recommended) type into the console (before you have started the demo)
\cg_thirdperson 1 then tpye \cg_thirdpersonrange 100 . To get out of
third person view, type into the console: \cg_thirdperson 0 .

For any problems with this map, or with creation of your own map,
E-mail me at:
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