11/6/2003 Mas3dm1 - Savagery readme.txt


Installation : Extract mas3dm1.pk3 to baseq3


Title : Savagery
Filename : mas3dm1.pk3
Author : Slaveboy
Email Address : **email removed**

Homepage :

Description : Four, highly interconnected towers.

Additional Credits to : Idsoftware.

Info about the Author : Avid Doom and Q2 Duelist/JailBreak player.
(I dont like q2dm2 before you ask)

Other Levels by Author : MasDsp1-9: 9 level single player Doom wad.
MasDcoop1: 1-4 player Co-op Doom wad.
MasD3d1: Duke3d deathmatch map.
Mas1Dm1: Quake deathmatch map.
Mas2Duel1: Quake2 duel map.
Mas2JB1: Quake2 jailbreak map.
Mas2ft1: Quake2 freeze tag map.
Mas2ctf1: Quake2 Catch the Flag map.
Mas2dm1: Quake2 Deathmatch map.
Maswdm1: Return to Castle Wolfenstein map.

Numerous other unreleased maps.


* Play Information *

Single Player : Yes
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes
1on1/2on2 : Yes

* Construction *

Base : New map from scratch
Editor(s) used : GtkRadiant
Build Time : God knows.
Build Machine : P4 **email removed** Ghz 512MB
Compile machine : P4 **email removed** Ghz 512MB

* Other Info *

Conversion of mas2dm1. Designed for 4v4.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

This archive may be distributed over the Internet
and/or BBS systems. You may NOT distribute this BSP
commercially in ANY way without my express permission.