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Courtyard Reloaded
*COURTYARD RELOADED* by /Seremtan/ /Information/ filename: stchctf9a.pk3 + stchctf9a_readme.html game type = CTF number of players (per team) = 4-6 (six initial spawn points only) bot file = yes level and .pk3 build/compile = GtkRadiant 1.2.12, q3map, BSPC, Q3Build, Arenamaster, Turkey McRibb texture editing = Corel Paint 8, Paintshop Pro 5 new map = yes (the map is a total remake of Threewave's CTF map /Courtyard Conundrum/, with extensive modifications) new textures = yes (mostly .tga format, hence the large download); most are either ydnar originals from Shaderlab <www.shaderlab.com> or modifications thereof; there are some modifications of id originals also) new models = yes (includes: oak model by Grim Reaper, tombstones by Arcana, angel by Bill Brooks <fps.brainerd.net> and ivy/mushrooms by (?) Nate) /Installation/ Unzip .pk3 to Quake III Arena/baseq3 folder. The map should then show up under the CTF menu in Q3A. /General Information/ The map is made in an urban inner-city style; if you've used, or have seen, ydnar's urban textures, you'll have a pretty good idea of how /Courtyard Reloaded/ looks. Ambient lighting (from the sky) is fairly low, and what bright light there is is provided by several id shaders for a dramatic (and slightly sickly) look; if you like your maps virtually fullbright then you may not enjoy this as it has quite low light levels in places. I have gone for atmosphere, and make no apologies for it. Modifications to the Threewave original include (apart from a totally different texture set): the division of the central area into three levels instead of two; teamed regen + quad in the powerup rooms instead of regen + haste (I always felt the map was too small for haste); a centrally-placed rocket launcher; the red armour room has been removed (it was too easy to grab the RA then teleport straight to the MH) and the armour has been moved to the small LG room, which now has a shallow paddling pool as a reference to the pool in the original RA room; the ledges in the base courtyards are now reached by long sloping walkways instead of bouncepads (no more camping up there!); the pillar halls are now subterranean and gloomy; additional GL and LG have been placed in the bottom central area, along with the RG, and the SG has been removed from there; the playing area is generally more spacious than in the original; each base now has a (very) small park area with an oak, some ivy and mushrooms (camping in the oak is possible!); there is no longer a camping place above each flag base; the GL ammo in the small passages behind the flag has been replaced with RG ammo. Other than the changes mentioned here, the item layout is the same as in the original. r_speeds are low on the whole, maxing out at about 12,000 in the centre; mostly they are around the 8,000 mark, if memory serves. A subtle spectral effect on the window shaders may bring the FPS rate down a little also, but there are almost no curves, and no glass or fog. On my machine (900Mhz Celeron, 128Mb RAM, GeForce2) FPS rates are around 30-40, dropping slightly during intense rocket duels. /Miscellaneous Information/ The map took about two weeks to build. Bot play is surprisingly good (one of the reasons I liked the original), mostly because all the routes between the flags are roughly the same distance and the respawn points are widely distributed. /Copyright/ * authors may NOT change this level or use it as a base for their own levels * this map may be distributed in any manner you like, provided you include this .html file UNMODIFIED and distribute it for free * CD-ROM or other for-profit distribution requires my written permission (contact: scpunditry -AT- yahoo.co.uk) * all custom textures and models in this map are the property of their respective owners/authors.
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