State Prison 36
Title : (Carnage at) State Prison 36
Filename : rjldm3.bsp
Author : r3tina
Email Address : **email removed**
Date : 1 February 2003
Version : Final (v.1)
Description : Medium sized, high detail, Deathmatch map
Players: 6 recommended for FFA, 10 for TDM
New textures : Yes
New (map)models : Yes
New sounds : Yes

Credits go to : -id Software for creating Quake III Arena,
-The excellent custom textures are once again made
by Evillair, visit his website at
-The skin for the tubelight mapmodel was done by Cubey. The other
skins and all the models were done by myself. The .md3 files are
included in the pk3, and can be used freely by other mappers.
Please give credit where it's due.
-The bloodsmears are part of the Max Payne texture set, which
is (C)1998-2001 Remedy.

Notes : This map is heavy on detail, effects and textures. Rspeeds top
10k at certain places. Because of this, this map requires a
fairly beefy pc (dev pc 1.2Ghz + GF4MX440, which ran good).

* Construction *

Computer : AMD TBird-C 1.2GHz 768MB RAM

Editor(s) used : GTKradiant 1.2.11, Q3Toolkit, q3map2 2.3.37, PSP 7, 3DS max 4.2,
Particle Studio

Build Time : No idea :) About one month (I think)

Known Bugs : None thus far.

This map is hosted at The Engines of Creation -

Thanks to clan CFS for support and feedback - irc: #clancfs @

This map is 2003 RJL and may only be distributed by electronic means
(e.a. Internet or BBS). Please don't copy this map or parts of it
without my permission.