The Dark Zone for Q3

Title : The Dark Zone for Q3
Filename :
Author : Adam Todkill (Povo-HaT)
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : Conversion of the Quake Classic, DM6

* Play Information *

Single Player : Yes (Bot route included)
Deathmatch : Yes
Tournament : Yes (probably what its best for imo)
CTF : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : The original DM6 textures
New Music : No

* Construction *

Base : DM6 decompiled using WinBSPC
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : When viewed on the right angle, there is some
slight sparkle on the roof of the "tube"
Build Time : A few hours
Compile Time : About 7 Mins (Celeron 466, 64mb RAM)
Thanks to : id and the guys at for the
excellent tutorials


Unzip the contents of this archive to your baseq3 folder (eg. c:\quake3\baseq3)
Load up Quake 3 and in the console (press ~), type "/map q1dm6".
Add bots by going to the console and typing "/addbot klesk", or replace klesk with
your favourite bot. Enjoy!

Release Notes:

OK, before you tell me to stop stealing ideas and make my own map, i dont
take any credit for this levels layout or item placement. I just converted
the map over to Q3 because its a cool map.

This conversion of DM6 only took a few hours, and most of that was trying
to write my own shader code for the teles and the sky. Finding something
similar in Q3 and just modifying it seemed the easiest way :)
Feel free to use the textures and/or shader code for any other conversions
you want to make.

This was a simple conversion of a map i really like. I wasn't going to release it,
but there weren't any other DM6's out at the time, so i thought, what the hey!

I'd like someone to make a really original conversion of DM6 for Q3 using some of
the cool features available. You could really have fun with curves here :)