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Pyramid of Death
by syKo
syKodm3 - Pyramid of Death ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A map by syKo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BASIC INFO: Author: syKo (David Conway) Email: **email removed** Web Address: sykosmaps.tripod.com (Just for map dls only..i have another one in the works for tutorials and such.) Editor used: Q3Radiant 202 Public Build Base: No base, just a map from scratch (but based ON the pyramid level from unreal tournament) Build Time: About 45 minutes =) Compile Time: 5-6 hours...i have no clue why, lol Compile Machine: 500 mHz pentium III; 128 MB ram; NVidia Geforce 256 AGP gfx card Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Shaders: No New Sounds: No Idead player load: 6-8 Map Info: An extremely simple map. It is a multi-level floating pyramid, with invisible water in the middle so you can go up and down between levels. At the bottom is a 30-second flight power-up, and invisible ledges leading to items. At the top is a 60-second quad damage (you need to use the flight to get it). It is completely outdoors, and semi-space-themed. You can fall off, and you can drown if u remain in the water for too long. Every gun is in the level, except the grapple. The BFG respawns every 2 minutes, however. It was easy to make, and only took like 45 minutes. The fun however, lasts for a looooooong time. What can I say? This map simply is a blast, especially for teamplay (3-4 per team). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EXTRACTION / PLAYING --------------------->>>>> Just unzip the file to your "quake3/baseq3" directory. <<<<<--------------------- --------------------->>>>> Once in the game, under the deathmatch or team deathmatch gametypes, you can find it. Or, just type: /map sykodm3 In the console. It will take you right to the map. <<<<<--------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANKS / BUGS / OTHER INFO Special Thanks go to: Id Software: for making all quake games. The [OATZ] clan: for inspiring me to make maps. The [POW] clan (JB especially): for all the help Brian, Brady -- betatesting Known Bugs: None that I could find. If you find one, please contact me. Other Info: Previous works by syKotic syKodark; sykodm1; sykotrny1; sykoctf1; sykotrny2; sykodm2 (NOT a UT map, sorry about the readme); sykotrny3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LEGAL STUFF Its a map. That I made. Have fun, and give it to all the people you want. Do you want the map file? I'll give it to you, just email me. U can edit it and make it better and get more fame than me...so what? I had fun making it nonetheless. Whatever. Goodbye. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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