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Patibuh's Lair
TITLE : Patibuh's Lair FILENAME : ffdm2 AUTHOR : blemish DATE : June 02 2002 TYPE : Duel EMAIL ADDRESS : **email removed** WEBSITE URL : www.clan-fastandfurious.org -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .:: Level description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started to build this map when I was in the first french cpm clan called "roots". So its was called rootsdm1 :) Then, when "fast and furious" clan was created, Viagraa, acid and I planned to release a FF mappack for cpm with 5 maps. We started FFDM1 (tp map), but didn't had enough time to finish it yet. FFDM2 is the final version of rootsdm1 -including a quad for FFA or TP-. This map was made with cpm gameplay in mind, especially french settings (ra 200 and fastrail), so don't expect much of it in vq3. See you soon for our next duel map, FFDM3 :) -- blemish -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHMATCH : 1 on 1 / 3-4 FFA TEAM DEATHMATCH : maybe 2 on 2 :) NEW TEXTURES : Yes NEW SHADERS : Yes NEW SOUNDS : Yes (quake sound for the lift) NEW MODELS : No -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .:: Construction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAP BASE : New PREFABS USED : None EDITOR(S) USED : GtkRadiant 1.1.1 OTHER UTILITIES USED : q3map, bspc and photoshop KNOWN BUGS : None COMPILE MACHINE : - BSP TIME : - VIS TIME : - LIGHT TIME : - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .:: Special Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to: moun, q-tab, shambler, park, flowerbauer, Iceman, polo, idle (l00l's cup :p), bleader (raccoon trix jump movie), arQon (custom sound for lifts in cpma), viag, acid, poischich, taxi, soixante... all those who tested ffdm2 beta versions. and you ! :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .:: Copyright / Permissions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may distribute this PK3 in any electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, include all files intact in the original archive. Quake III Arena (C) 1999 id Software. All rights reserved.
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