-+ 15th May '02 +-

\\ map title: "avengeance"
\\ map file: tfzse1.bsp
\\ author: Anthony 'psion' butler
\\ email: **email removed**
\\ site: apache.airnet.com.au/~waxx/psion.htm


\\ concept: tfz.ed209
\\ file size: 4 mb
\\ # of spawns: 8
\\ editor: GTKRadiant v1.2.1 with ydnar's q3map2.
\\ machine: Amd 900 + 384 ram + gf2 pro
\\ build time: 1 month

this is a remake of the famous duel map, Q3tourney4 (& pro-t4). it was built from the ground up, completely from memory without using any of the original bsp. the arena is at once very familiar, but you'll see i've modified it quite a few ways that impact on how the map is played. another motivation for making this was the fact the original t4 made a lot of video cards struggle with extensive effects & shader use, so i've kept those to a minimum & combined with a low tri count the result is a quicker t4 in a style that i envision it. :)


-= Credits -=

\\ textures courtesy of "rorshach" (www.planetquake.co...ch/index2.shtml)
\\ skybox courtesy of "Amethyst7" (www.amethyst7.gotdoofed.com)
\\ custom sounds & art by me.


-= Thanks -=

\\ Mikey, Jax_gator, Stormshadow, Buttmunch, C.keen, & the lads at burial-grounds.com
\\ spine, sarah, 001, knutty & groundbeef from tfz.
\\ wviperw


-= copyrights/permissions -=

Distribution of this zip is to be done in it's entirety, and any commercial use without prior consent is prohibited. The bsp included is not to be used as a basis for further map building.
Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

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