avengeance by psion
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#8   18 Jan 2012
I love 'Vertical Vengeance' especially edited ones :). 9.5/10.
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Mark unregistered
#7   10 Jul 2008
I have to agree with previous comments here - this map is nothing but an improvement upon the commercial release - the textures make you want to play on it and give it a realistic feel, and the walkway behind the central room removes gives you an escape route from the two jump pad frags in the original
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psion unregistered
#6   31 Aug 2002
thx storm :)

when u mention the 'taller'.. that's the biggest diff imo, as it effects the whole map. now it's a lot more difficult (& takes more skill) to land your rox/plas from above or below.. and strategically use the platforms to avoid dmg.

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StormShadow unregistered
#5   29 Aug 2002
This map seriously deserves a better review.

I wont say that i like as much as the original, but i really do like it alot.. in a different way. The ledge on the top goes all the way around, and the map is significantly 'taller'. Really fun map, the author changed the layout just enough to change the gameplay, but without taking out the elements that makes pro-tourney4 fun.


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psion unregistered
#4   29 Aug 2002
hey, thanks for your supporting comments. glad to see some ppl realise why it was made...

@daniel: you've missed the point of this map completely. from your review i get the impression that the author has tried to make a map based on t4, without mentioning t4, or why it was based on t4.. it's a tribute to one of the best duel map's ever made & i made that clear (thought i did :/) in the readme, so when u said 'layout doesn't deviate much from the original'.. well it wasn't meant to. the layout of t4 is why i & everyone else love it so much, and why i chose to remake it.

what i have added though is enough to change the gameplay drastically (fall damage between floors, top floor loop, dimensions, better r_speeds & fps)..plus the map wasn't made from the original bsp. no mention of that at all, and they're the main reason's for it existing.

i disagree, and say ppl 'haven't' seen most of it before, as it requires a very different & more complex strategy than the original.

sorry for the rant, just feel a little hard done by. :(

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wviperw unregistered
#3   29 Aug 2002
this is a very very nice map IMO. Sure its a remake of a q3 map, but it does what it attempts to do very well. Should have gotten a better 'placement'/review than what it did IMO.
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Todtsteltzer unregistered
#2   29 Aug 2002
q3tourney4 is still one of my favourites and the promode item placement made it even better. Although the layout of this map is (nearly) a copy of the original I like it very much. The textures really make a great athmosphere and the additional path fills a lack of the original (my opinion ;)), 9 from me.
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Sklaventreiber unregistered
#1   29 Aug 2002


this map is great for a few rounds.

You've probably seen most of it before. Worth a few rounds


Are you crazy??? Why are the pro-maps that successful... they are like the old ones just better :)

It's the same with this map! Really cool textures done by rorshach and some nice addons like an additional path and some platforms...

... only the jumppads aren't adjusted as good as in the original if you do a rocket jump on them, therefore 8 points :)

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