Final version 5.09 for Quake3Arena (1.30)
July 24th, 2002
title: bloodclouds
file: llag_q3dm1.pk3
author: llagavuul
email address: **email removed**
description: dark, mid-sized, more vertical map with one large and some
smaller areas around ... runs good with 4-5 bots in ffa
or 3on3, 4on4 in teams
play information

skills 0,1,2,3: ?
ffa: yes
tourney: no
team: yes
CTF: no
Bot File (aas): yes, -optimized

new textures: yes
new shaders: few, some original shaders only modified
new models: no
new sounds: few, some of id modified
new music: ambient noise - in this version
This first map was build and tested with a Voodoo 3 2000 and AMD Duron 900 / 256MB
- and it runs well with 4 to 5 bots in ffa. previous betas of the map worked
(with lowered graphics settings) also on an AMD K6-2 500, but this should be
seen as minimum requirement.
base: none
editor: GTK Radiant 1.1 beta / GTK Radiant 1.1.1 TA (fine time !)
other info: first Q3A map
brushes: 2458 / 2792 (total)
entities: 334 / 412 (total)
build time: 52 Min.

add. progs:
GTK Build 2.0 by
Sagnor <**email removed**>
and AzrKnight <**email removed**>
Q3ASE 1.1 Shader Editor by Bert "Rat" Peers - now:
Paintshop Pro 6.0 mainly for textures/tiles
Shalom Txt 1.2 by Finn Ekberg Christiansen -
Xnview1.25 - imageviewer/converter by pierre-e gougelet (
The Moonfish, Hammerhead & Free Tuareg - loop-editors by Bram Bos -
GoldWave4.01 by Chris Craig - - wave-editor / converter
Many beta-changes are based on the comments I got at the LVL Beta Section.
I'd like to thank Lavaman, elvis, pg (be), dej4y and WangButter for testing
the map and giving some comments.
Especially the very detailed reviews and suggestions of VisionThing,
former <SuXOr>, at LVL beta section, gave me another view on the map and led
to many improvements with map layout and (team-)items - thanks a lot, man ...
Thanks also to jey-key for grumbling and network testing with his K6-2 500/V3 machine.

other credits:
sarge painting by John Mueller - taken from the printed q3a manual
rhino - based on a copperplate by Albrecht Duerer
Wolfenstein logo textures are modifications based on the original
Wolfenstein logo by Id Software.
thanks to:
- id for game
- Robert Duffy and Paul Jaquays for editor and manual
- all gtk-radiant people for gtk radiant
- all authors of those many radiant-, shader- and hintbrush-
tutorials - which were really a great help, esp.:
Bill Brooks tutorials -,
claudec´s lair - tutorials/links -
rust at - tutorials
moc_mr_fitz and cardigan - bot optimization tutorials - ?,
SpoG and Joel"Death Mongrel" Caesar for hintbrush tutorials
Geoffrey DeWan´s BSP and Visibility tut, ... , and many others.
also to:
Aless - and
dangerzone at or
for german tutorials
- the editing forum for a lot of answers ...
Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Copyright (c) 2002, llagavuul, **email removed**
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

The graphics, music and other files included in the
zip-file may not be commercially exploited in any way.
This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN