by JAJ
Title : Quimera
Date : April 5th 2002
Filename : Quimera.pk3
Author : Jose "JAJ" Arcediano
Web site : www.planetquake.com/jaj

Email Address : **email removed**
Description : A Quake3 Arena deathmatch level, for the geochallenge2
-- www.planetquake.com/sock --
-- www.planetquake.com/nunuk --

BIG thanks to : TJI, you know why ;P hehe...
Thanks to : Sock and Nunuk for the idea and its organization.
Kanaeda, Tourist, Ydnar and someone else i don't remember just now (sorry sorry for my volatile memory... i need my medication again ;)), at the quake3world.com forums
thanks indeed, i learned some very useful things :).
Additional Credits to : ID software
-- www.idsoftware.com --


* Play Information *

Deathmatch : 1vs1 (4 spawn points).
New Textures : Yes, some from the geochallenge pack, slighty green sky
and green plain color by me.

* Construction *

Base : From scratch.
Editor(s) used : Q3radiant 202.
Known Bugs : Let me know ;).
Build Time : 2 months and coffe, coffe, and more coffe..........
Textures used : See new textures.

Compile machine : P200 MMX with 32M (W98) for Qbsp(18min)&Bspc(5hr).
: p4 2.2ghz (512M) for Vis(2+ days!)&Light(2+hr).
Seeing this you'll now why i named the map as "Quimera"
("Chimera" in english)


* Instructions *

Unzip Quimera.pk3 into your Baseq3 directory.

Start Quake3Arena enter "/map quimera" in the console...

Enjoy it.

* Other levels *

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-Quake1 SP-

Jaj100br - "Sector 98", a Quake1 map for the 100 brushes competition maps.
This map is included in the 100brush map pack with other 13 maps, you can get it on:
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* Copyright / Permissions *

This level can only be distributed by electronic formats and free of charge,
with this text file included, unless you have my permission to do otherwise.

This level may not be used on a commercial multi-player server
without similar explicit written consent.

Magazine cover CD's are generally okay if you ask me first, and send me a
free copy.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without my permission.

Thanks and enjoy :) .