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Mouldy Old Bastard
date: 10.Jul.2002 Quake3Arena CPM/DM/Tourney level. ==================================================== title: Mouldy Old Bastard file (pk3/bsp): tig_mouldy author: Tigger-oN email address: **email removed** URL: lvlworld.com/ tig.onemoremonkey.com/ description: Simple in looks, a blast for game play. Best used with CPM ==================================================== Spelling Notes: 'Mouldy' is the correct English spelling. As I am Australian, this spelling is correct. Texture Error Notes: If you are having texture errors with this map there is a good chance you have a beta version on your hard drive. Delete ALL tig_beta* files then try again. If you still have texture errors then you have a shader error in ANOTHER pk3 (NOT this map!) ==================================================== Play information Tourney: yes (CPM makes it shine) Deathmatch: DM (2-4 player) CTF: no Bot File (aas): yes new sounds: yes, only heard in CPM however new graphics: Almost all are custom made new music: no How to play: start quake3 hit ~ type \map tig_mouldy hit ~ (to clear the console) or just select tig_mouldy from the menu. ==================================================== Info Mouldy Old Bastard has been tweaked to perform best in conjunction with the CPM Q3A mod (www.promode.org)) It includes the Green Armour and a few sounds files that will only be heard in CPM. There are a number of basic jumps that are possible in standard Q3A. Under CPM there are a lot more. Almost all of the textures are custom made. I wanted to use a flat, minimal texture set that was not distracting in anyway, these are what I came up with. The focus has been on game play, do not expect to see a great looking map. The walls are flat with no details, there are no ambient sounds, no fancy shaders. Do not expect great game play against bots. They will not use the bridge to the RA and have problems with the jump pads. If you must play bots play against two of them and never go for the RA yourself. ==================================================== construction base: New level. editor: GtkRadiant www.qeradiant.com/ other progs: Photoshop The GIMP Q3MAP2 by ydnar, the best map compile tool - shaderlab.com/q3map2/ know bugs: None known build time: Off and on for a few months ==================================================== Huge thanx to; PureImaginary for the initial feedback and getting me to stop and think about a few things before it was too late :] www.provinggrounds.com/ Swelt and iX for their great help with the item layout and other major suggestions. www.cpma.org.uk/ ^^Ch@os^^, Mikey, StormShadow and all the others from Burial-Grounds for heaps of very cool suggestions and getting me to try out a few different things www.burial-grounds.com/ ydnar for helping out with compile questions and for q3map2. shaderlab.com/q3map2/ wviperw for some very cool feedback. GONNAKILLYA!, Aardappel and Personal Jesus for beta testing on the LAN at work and feedback. mand0g for putting up me and great support. I'm sure I have missed a heap of people, sorry if its you. ==================================================== Distribution / Copyright / Permissions Copyright (c) 2002 Tigger-oN, **email removed** All rights reserved. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. ====================================================
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