once upon a brush
once upon a brush - March 2002
/general information\_____________________________________________________________________
Title : once upon a brush
Filename : zipdm3.pk3
Author : Zippie (Joris Veerman)
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : 1on1 map or for small 3-4 player ffa's
a bit on the experimental side.
Additional Credits to : nunuk and sock for organising the contest
aardappel friction and tigger for feedback
aardappel for the slopy concept
gibbie for being gibbie
alcatraz for this amazing disclaimer
everyone i forgot


Editor(s) used : gtkradiant photoshop notepad and mirc
Known Bugs : some sparklies due to q3maps shittyness
on some ppl's computers the map crashes if they see too much sky (rarely happens)
the only solutions to this are either sending hatemail to Id
or deleting the blendfunc_add passes from the sky shader,
if you dont know how to do this look for tutorials on quake 3 shaders
Compile machine : amd 750 mhz, 128Mb Ram
QBSP Time : 5 secs
Light (-vlight) Time : about 2 hours
Vis Time : about 8 hours (yeah i know, but i couldnt be arsed)
bspc time : about 1 hour

/installation and play procedures\_________________________________________________________
put this file (zipdm3.pk3) in your baseq3 directory to install it
to play press ~ to bring down the console and type: /map zipdm3 [enter]
/Copyright / Permissions\_________________________________________________________________
All original files in this pk3 are Copyright joris veerman, esq, 2001.
All other textures, shaders and sound files remain property of their respective
owners. All root materials bundled in this pak (raw textures, shaders, sound files)
may not be used in the creation of other levels without due credit given to their owners.

You may not use this level as a base to build additional levels without
explicit permission of the author! Private individuals may however
distribute this file via the internet for their personal use, and for
the use of others. Packaging, repackaging, or distribution through other
commercial means (even if not for profit, such as on a magazine CD) by any
organization, corporate or partnership entity, is strictly forbidden without
the express written permission of the author.

This file, although created with reasonable care, is provided AS-IS and WITH ALL FAULTS.
The author makes no warranties as to this file, and disclaims all express, implied, and
statutory warranties of any kind, including (but not limited to) any warranties
of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose.

zippie (joris veerman)