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Sinking Deeper
================================================================================ * QUAKE III ARENA LEVEL INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE : Sinking Deeper FILENAME : ra3mp6.pk3 .pk3 CONTENTS : ra3mp6.bsp new textures new sound shaderfiles new skies AUTHOR : wviperw (Joel McDonald) e-Mail : **email removed** HOMEPAGE : wviperw.digitalarenas.com DATE : 01/23/02 GAME PLAY TYPE : RA3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL DESCRIPTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a "multiarena" intended for use with the RA3 mod. It is one mapfile containing 4 distinct arenas: Arena 1: Drift Away - Clan Arena Arena 2: Vacant - Rocket Arena Arena 3: Out Of My Depth - Rocket Arena Arena 4: The Steamroom - Rocket Arena All use the same "tech" texture set (most of which came from the dc_mappack). Also, big thanks to mes0plague for not only enlightening me on the whole "RA3 thing", but also laying out and partially doing the last 2 arenas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CONSTRUCTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITORS USED : GTKRadiant1.1.1 UTILITIES USED : WinZip, PBE, Curry, GTKBuild, Notepad Plus, Q3ASE. Particle Studio COMPILE MACHINE : AMD Duron 700@1000, 320mb PC100 RAM, Win95, Stealth III S540 32mb Pro, 6.4gb HD COMPILE : BSP: 199 sec VIS: 16450 sec LIGHT -fast -extra -smooth -patchshadows: 7688 sec CONSTRUCTION : a lot of months on the CA, a month for the 3 arenas. BRUSHES : ~9000 brushes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * OTHER LEVELS BY THE AUTHOR * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quake III Arena : Drift Away (vq3 version) Quake III Arena : Concrete Quake III Arena : Under My Skin Quake III Arena : Collide Quake II : The Slayaway Quake II : The Abandon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS OR INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just extract ra3mp6.pk3 into your baseq3 or ra3 directory. Then either find "ra3mp6" in the menu of RA3, or type "\devmap ra3mp6" in the console. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CREDITS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- id software : Q3A and also the dc_mappack which has some really cool textures in it. I did modify a few of the shaders for them. My Great Aunt Bob : For never giving up on me :) Rungy (rungy.com ??) : For the waterfall texture Whoever made it : the waterfall sound (found it on geits' geit3ctf1) beta testers : anyone who might have helped w/ any of the arenas. Thanks ydnar : for his excellent q3map -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (2001) by Joel McDonald. All rights reserved. This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer, free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. All the files included in the original package must remain intact and unmodified. This package may not be distributed on any CD-ROM, nor be used on a commercial multi-player server without the prior, explicit written consent of Joel McDonald.
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