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Game : Quake 3 Arena Map Title : Subd25 Map Filename : subd25.pk3 Release Date : Tuesday, June 12th, 2001 Author : Slater E-mail : **email removed** Author's Homepage : www.rpcoleman...t.co.uk/Index.htm Other Levels : Monkhell Description : A small Quake3 map focussed mostly round use of the Rocket Launcher and lots of running away. The layout is based on a number of walkways connected by stairways and emptyness. If you feel fit enough and want to practice running backwards and firing your weapon, then put all 8 Bots on and set it to 'Hurt Me Plenty'. One on One set to 'Hurt Me Plenty' is very good as well. Remember, we don't like to make things easy, so the doors are on timers. When you start playing, you will find out ! Additional Credits to : Quakequakequake.com - Very good site --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** INSTALLATION *** 1) Extract subd25.pk3 into your quake3\baseq3\ directory 2) Start map with "/map subd25" in the console and start running 4) You will need to add more bots via the in-game menu ** Construction Information ** Base : New level from scratch Editor used : Q3 Radiant Game Type(s) : FFA, Tourney Build Time : About 1 week total build time. 4 months getting off my fat arse and actually releasing it! Build Machine : Intel P-III 550 / 128 Mb RAM / i810 (yuk!) Custom Textures : No Custom Sounds : No Bot File : Yes * Copyright / Permissions * A Slater Production - Copyright (c) Fred The Oyster Productions 2001. This level may be electronically distributed at no charge to the recipient but may NOT be modified in any way or used as a base for other levels without the author's prior, explicit consent. This text file must always be included with any distribution of the level. This level may be distributed with the author's prior, explicit consent.
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