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FragTastic Rep. 1362
#3   15 Jul 2012
It kinda reminds of Half Life since weapons are scattered everywhere just like in Half Life also most Half Life maps are boxed and are Tech themed so this is a map that most Half Life fans will love. To me there was too many weapons added because it's such a small map and a limited amount of weapons should be added not a lot so that needs improving. Also Gameplay is quite Amateur which means it's not really good but it is still playable. 6.5/10
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Mark unregistered
#2   06 Jul 2008
1. strafe jumping - with long corridors and timed doors - necessary.
2. timed doors - bored players stuck with a machine gun in the corridor
3. tactic - shoot rockets down corridor at player with said machinegun - no tactic
4. gauntlet player stuck at timed door - cheap shot
5. enter room from bottom floor with no major weapons - easy frag
6. powerups - RA, Haste, i heard quad damage but to be perfectly frank i just couldnt be bothered sticking around long enough to find out.
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Slater unregistered
#1   31 Jul 2002
A fair review. Never had much time to get this fully beta tested, but some comments need some explaining.

1 - Strafe Jumping. It was designed that way. Use a different tactic. It makes life more interesting.

2 - Some of the doors don't work? Hmmm. Read the Readme file next time, as it states that the doors are on timers. Tut Tut Tut !

3 - Item placement. Yes... sorry. Will try harder.

4 - Lack of major items. Why make it so easy? Learn to be more accurate.

Thanks for the comments. Apart from the door one, it was fair. Cheers.

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