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================================================================ Title : Oingy_Boingy BSP Name : oingy_boingy.bsp Author : Stuart Lindley AKA Y-STU-K Release Date : January 2002 Email Address : **email removed** Home Page : http://www.xy-leveldesign.tk Game : Q3A Map Type : DM / Tourney 2 - 5 players Description : My first ever Quake 3 Arena map ain't radiant a bitch to learn after using worldcraft look for more maps from me later on next map is a gothic style (maybe) Additional Thanks to : id, Matt Day (CaptainCaffeine) for map name, all my mates for testing it and of course the brewer's Grolsch for such a wonderful beer :) ================================================================ <<MAP Information>> New Textures : NO New SkyBox : NO New sounds : nope Bot Support : Damn right <<Construction>> Base : Q3DM17 (The longest Yard) but with a little more bounce Construction Time : dunno but i drank 20 bottles of Grolsch while building (over several days of course) Build programs : GTKBuild and the GTK compilers Build Time : about an hour if that i wasn't really clock watching Compile machine : AMD AthlonXP 1700+, 64MB ATI Radeon 8500, 512mb DDR Editor used : Q3radiant 202 (because of an OpenGL bug in my Radeon8500 means i can't use GTK :( ah well) Other programs : Q3Build. Known Bugs : Think my r_speeds are a tad high ooops nevermind it runs fine on all the computers i've played it on so far :P <<Copyright>> Erm play enjoy thats it and don't copy it please :) <<Installation>> Plonk the the PK3 file in your baseq3 dir
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