Oingy_Boingy by Y-STU-K
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Y-STU-K unregistered
#4   14 Mar 2002
Suppose but my next one will be a vast improvement considering how long its gonna take me to do the textures and shaders, then theres the building
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DrX unregistered
#3   14 Mar 2002
not bad for a first map ;)
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Y-STU-K unregistered
#2   14 Mar 2002
thanx the review it pritty reasonable, i made this map to get used to Radiant. My next map is currently under production and will be done in a couple of months, oh and its not a space map :)
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keditok unregistered
#1   13 Mar 2002
"another symmetrical space,map? BOING i have a good idea (don't know if I'll ever finish it, but thanks for the idea revioewer sir! :D

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