Map Title : Acquiescence
Game : Quake3 Arena
Filename : aqui.pk3
Release Date : Sunday September 29th, 2001

Author : Europa
E-mail : **email removed**

Author's Webpage :

Other Levels from : Econ-V, Simple Rockets!, Monkhell, Cellars, Headroom, SubD25
'Fred The Oyster'



A medium sized map comprising of a central walkway area and two room sections at either end.
Campers will love this one, plenty of windows and a protective balcony overlooking the Regen room.
Bots prefer the ground floor but don't depend on this!



1) Extract aqui.pk3 into your quake3\baseq3\ directory,
2) Start map from Skirmish menu or with '/map aqui' in the console,
3) Add more bots via the in-game menu.



Base / Inspiration : New level from scratch
Editors : Q3Radiant V202 / bspc-gui
Game Type(s) : FFA, Tourney
Build Machine : P600-III / 384Mb RAM / TNT2 Pro
Custom Textures : No
Custom Sounds : No
Bot File : Yes

Known bugs / issues : Slight slowdown in the central open area.



To all beta testers who took time to look at this map and suggest improvements:
AidVII, David Appleby, bfg10k, Diablo-666, Philip Honsinger, Joe_Lego, Andrew Leytze,
Matt Lanahan, Craig Mansfield, MadScientist, MikieMan, Ruben, xxsykobotxx, {MgA}Xqqqsme
and all others who gave it a blast!

Additional regards to : JB at RTD (
(Thanks for the ace site, the HD space & publicity!)

: Slater for his window prefabs and other pointers


*** Copyright / Permissions ***

Copyright (c) 2001 Fred The Oyster Productions.
This level may be electronically distributed at no charge to the recipient but may not
be modified in any way or used as a base for other levels without the author's prior,
explicit consent - (Radiant .map files may be made available to induviduals asking my permission).
This level may be included or hotlinked on any site but please tell me about it!
This text file must always be included with any distribution of the level.
This level may not be distributed commercially without the author's prior, explicit
consent (unless offers of money or sexual favours have been made, in which case consent
can be assumed to have been given).