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CruelTrick by h0peless November 3, 2001 -------------------- Info Gametype: FFA/Tourney Game size: 3-6 people New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Style: A mix, but generally space Bot Support: Yes -------------------- Installation Put crueltrick.pk3 in your baseq3 folder. Thats it! --------------------------------------------------------------- The Layout This is my first ever public map for Q3. The map is an enclosed space map, but you can still fall off. The bottom area is more gothic like, but the top area is a style I can't quite define. There are several places you can die, places that are supposed to trick you into dying. Bots don't go for em, and players probably shouldn't. Try rocket jumping over the hole in the middle of the map. You might be surprised... ---------------------------------------------------------------- Known issues There seems to be some problem with the skybox on a certain Book: there are thin lines showing where the six skybox textures meet. This never showed up on two of my computers. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Stuff used Mapping: Radiant 201, 202, GTK Textures: Olympus Digital Camera, Photoshop, STile Scripting: Notepad Compile time: around 20 hours (on a 400Mhz PII, 256Mb) People to thank: All ID people for making Quake. Every programmer that worked on all those programs I used. Knight Cloud for supplying a good grass texture. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright The map is my work and most custom textures (see above for exception) are made by me. You may distribute this map as long as it is intact, and contains this readme. Distribute it over the web as much as you want, or put it in your server rotation. To commercially distribute it on a CD or any other media you must have my permission. See contact info below. Contact If you want to contact me regarding this map please E-Mail me at **email removed** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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