Shotgun Shindig

8 November 2001

title : Shotgun Shindig
filename : nb3dm1.pk3
author : Neil Beech
e-mail : **email removed**

description : It's a futeristic castle built into
an asteroid. This is my first full
release of a map. Any sort of
feedback would be greatly appreciated.

additional credits : id software, everybody on the
Quake3World forums, everybody outside
quake3world who helped me and evil
lair for some excellent textures!


--Play Information--

game : Quake III Arena
bot support : yes
deathmatch : yes, for 2 - 6 players (recommended)
tournament : yes
teamplay : yes
capture the flag : no

--Map Information--

new sounds : no
new music : no
new textures : A few by evil lair and some that were
left out of the default id pk3s.
known bugs : I don't think so
brushes (non-entity) : 1511
entities : 235

--Construction Information--

build time : a few weeks
base : from scratch
editor(s) used : GtkRadiant 1.1.1
other utilities : editpad and enzip
compile time : about an hour
compile machine : K6-2 500 with 128MB RAM



Place nb3dm1.pk3 in the baseq3 directory and load the map from the
console ("~" then "map nb3dm1") or through the skirmish menu.


You may NOT use this level as a base for additional levels.

This level must NOT be distributed commercialy.

It is acceptable to distribute this .txt file and .bsp file FREELY, as long as they
remain intact and unedited and the archive is intact.