Deck EB
Map Title : Deck EB
Game : Quake3 Arena
Filename : deck-eb.pk3
Release Date : Friday December 11, 2001

Author : Europa (of Fred The Oyster Productions)
E-mail : **email removed**

Author's Homepage :

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'Fred The Oyster' Acquiescence



Another one of my compact fragfest levels (and not the last!). The design is based on
the Unreal Tournament level 'Eclipse Biodome', not a direct copy but if you've played
that particular level in UT then you will recognise it.
An open-plan three level enclosed arena with nowhere to hide. Tranporter rooms connect
the upper and lower floors and stairways give access to the middle level.
The design can handle a larger bot load than you would expect for such a small level.



1) Extract deck-eb.pk3 into your quake3\baseq3\ directory,
2) Start map from Skirmish menu or with '/map deck-eb' in the console,
3) Adjust bots to taste via the in-game menu.



Base / Inspiration : Unreal Tournament level 'Eclipse Biodome'
by Eric 'SnowDog' Ettes.
Editors : Q3Radiant V202 / BSPCgui
Game Type(s) : FFA, Tourney
Build Machine : P600-III / 384Mb RAM / TNT2 Pro
Custom Textures : No
Custom Sounds : No
Bot File : Yes

Known bugs / issues : None



Thanks to all my beta testers especially Jax_Gator, no_skill,

Thanks to Player for showing me how to finally fix my .arena files!

Additional regards to : JB at RTD (
(Thanks for the ace site and the HD space & publicity!)

: Dream - Great music girls! "Arigatoe"


*** Copyright / Permissions ***

Copyright (c) 2001 Fred The Oyster Productions.
This level may be distributed at no charge to the recipient but may not be modified in
any way or used as a base for other levels without the author's prior and explicit
(Note:Radiant .map files can be made available to individuals asking me nicely!).
This level may be included or hotlinked on any site but please tell me about it.
This text file must always be included with any distribution of the level.
This level may not be distributed commercially without the author's prior, explicit
consent (unless offers of money or sexual favours have been made, in which case consent
can be assumed to have been given!).