The Sacrament
Title : The Sacrament
Release date : September 3rd, 2001

File name : sacrament.pk3


NOTE: This is my first full attempt at a Quake III Arena map it took me a VERY long time (mostly
learning & toying) It has finally reached the point where I deam it worthy of public release.
I hope you enjoy it. And if any mappers out there have any suggestions on how to remedy the
fact that the bots won't go for the quad it would be much appreciated. Constructive critisizm
is welcome.


Maps : sacdm1.bsp

Map Author : GibbaWho?

Email Address : **email removed**

Thanks to : HrO from #qeradiant on for all his help
Thanx to asnagrim as well for your helpful feedback,
Psychosamaritan, Xilplaxim, & ShadowSpawn for beta testing
and anyone who ejoys this map as much as i do.

Editor used : Q3Radiant


* How to use the .pk3 *

copy sacrament.pk3 to your baseq3 directory
run Q3A, go into single player, hit skirmish, choose sacdm1 or from the menu,
hit fight, and gib to your pretty little heart's content

* Copyright / Permissions *

You're allowed to redistribute this level via electronic media such
as Internet, and free of charge. You may not mass distribute this
level via any non-electronic means without permission, including but
not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks. Any commercial use
without permission is prohibited. If you are unsure of these conditions
please contact **email removed**

Happy Fragging!
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