House by the cemetery
Title : House by the cemetery
Filename : houseby.bsp
Author : Gummo
Email Address : **email removed**
Homepage :
Description : DM map for Quake3

* Play Information *

Single Player : yes (with bots)
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes (4-10 players)
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : yes
New Music : yes (by Morte Macabre)
New Graphics : yes ( 2 textures by Christopher Buecheler and
2 by Sean Johnson, the rest by me)
New Monsters : No
New Demos : No
New Models : No

* Construction *

Base : New level
Editor(s) used : Q3radiant 181
Build Time : 50 hours perhaps

Put the houseby.pk3 in the baseq3-folder. at the console just write: map houseby

Pheew! At last this little mutha of a level is finished. I would have liked to
fix it up even more, but in the end Q3Map (the compiler in Q3radiant) kept
crashing all the damn time plus that I had various other problems. The outdoor area
can be a bit laggy with all the scary gravestones and fog.
Two of the gravestones are jumppads, the ones with a bluelight.

I hope you will enjoy it !