Subversive Tendencies
Subversive Tendencies by tequila
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#14   10 Feb 2012
Brushwork in this map is Amazing!. You also have Toxic Slime aswell :D. I love the layout and i will surely download this map as soon as i have time :).
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#13   25 Feb 2002
Nice! Not much new to say about the map, this was great fun to play. Can't wait to play more than one human player on it tho' (damn my network with hardly any other quake players). :) This map is really good fun. 9 from me.
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not entered unregistered
#12   14 Aug 2001
didnt played it yet, but jumped around a few mins.

looks great and seems to have excellent connectivity, especially for its size

im looking forward to lots of fun on this one :)

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Face The Slayer unregistered
#11   13 Aug 2001
Wow! Visually stunning, I got fragged a few times while I was distracted by the scenery, particularly the awesome skybox. Although the reviewer suggests 4 players, when using bots (slow connection!) I prefer to fill the map with at least twice that number of bot.

Bottom line - this map is awesome, get it just to look at it!


<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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hannibal unregistered
#10   12 Aug 2001
Kisses to the Tequila a manly sort of way (cough). Once you get the layout down, it plays like greased lightning.
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Featured Ripper unregistered
#9   23 Jul 2001
If you can't have a good time on this map, kill yourself now.
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Octovus unregistered
#8   09 Jul 2001
Fun fun and MORE fun this map is amazing.

I dunno why this map works so well, it really doesn't deserve too, but it's big and everything stays together. When making a big map authors risk concentrating too heavily on one area and leaving others not so well off, but tequila has avoided this like a master.

The only place you might even notice slight extra attention is the grenade launcher bridge/railgun pond with the two teles and the Megahealth room right nearby.

It works, it's a great fun romp, and full well deserving of the hard drive space and precious bandwidth of the masses.


P.S. Gave it a 9.

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but... unregistered
#7   03 Jul 2001
what if im not using a hd?
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Sabotuer unregistered
#6   28 Jun 2001
can you make a dm version, just change some item and weapon placement, add one RA and the map would fit it great, though it to damn big for a tourney
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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#5   27 Jun 2001
A really enjoyable map :)
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Boneprophet unregistered
#4   27 Jun 2001
Beautiful Design, outstanding layout, good r_speeds...

What else does a player need?

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Eeatha unregistered
#3   27 Jun 2001
I enjoyed playing this map extensivley, and it's looks have given me inspiration time and time again
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pjw unregistered
#2   26 Jun 2001
Truly excellent. Really superb layout and construction on this one. Many great touches. It will stay on my HD. :-)
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DanRok unregistered
#1   26 Jun 2001
an excellent map with a lot of vertical action. get this one on your hd.
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