200 Brush Map Comp
200 Brush Map Comp by Various
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jewilliquers unregistered
#8   20 Oct 2008
these maps suck. new ones please!
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gurkan unregistered
#7   04 Dec 2001
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#6   18 Jun 2001
The winner maps are worth the download!


Ihr hättet wirklich nur die 3 Siegermaps veröffentlichen sollen, dass die ganzen anderen mittelmäßigen und schelchten Maps das Gesamtergebnis runterziehen war ja wohl klar...

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Reality unregistered
#5   17 Jun 2001
Up to some exceptions,verry nice Maps.

A must have seen them.

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hannibal unregistered
#4   17 Jun 2001
can someone point me to the page where I can download them individually...I checked out the contest page, but my German is very rusty :)
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TeXman unregistered
#3   17 Jun 2001
my engfish isnt wery wall ;)

ok that was a funny contest with some good und some bad maps. and sorry, banana is just 14 years old :D

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Banana unregistered
#2   17 Jun 2001
HEY! C´mon! More Comments!
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Der Slomo unregistered
#1   16 Jun 2001
i just love 'em
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