oops, lost my map file...
oops, lost my map file... by weasy
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FragTastic Rep. 2325
#5   07 Feb 2012
WTF?! Map Name?! :P
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weasy unregistered
#4   14 May 2001
Thanks for the coments. I actually lost the map file on this one, so it never really got finished. I figured what was there would be fun for a few rounds anyway =)
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sYnna unregistered
#3   14 May 2001
An enjoyable map I thought. Small problem with the .arena file with the inclusion of the bot orb (sic). This obviously isn't a big problem, and doesn't detract from the fun. I also give this map a 7.
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Blitzz unregistered
#2   14 May 2001
*hook = angle, was thinking a bit in my own language, sowwy =)
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Blitzz unregistered
#1   14 May 2001
Mwoah, it looks quite nice but imo gameplay isn't that grande... Floor 1 with two bouncepads, floor 2 with 2 bouncepads on a 90 degree hook, floor three like floor 1 with a little extra floor (RL platform).

It's ok, 7 from me

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