Vertigo by Sai-KO
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#32   05 Feb 2012
it looks cool. I love Q3Tourney4 remixes.
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#31   23 Nov 2010
Yes, this is one of the best maps I've ever played. Thank you Sai-KO :)
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Gangster unregistered
#30   13 Oct 2010
One of the best maps I've ever played! Thank you Sai-KO :)
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Anonymous unregistered
#29   06 Mar 2010
Excellent map !
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yudah Rep. 0
#28   19 Dec 2006
awsome also beauty map
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BIOS unregistered
#27   08 Sep 2005
i've already made the level, it's in final beta. if i don't manage to contact him by the release date, i will make it an unauthorized remake and release it. the readme already gives him full credit for the layout, as does the preview screen in UT2004. no one will think that I designed the layout, i'm making sure of that. :D

it's due to be released Sept. 30th in the UCMP2.

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Tig Rep. 1612
#26   07 Sep 2005
As you have tried to get in touch both publicly and privatly, I suggest you make the level and wait for Sai-KO to get in touch with you :]

Credit to Sai-KO should appear in your readme, but you already knew that I guess.

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BIOS unregistered
#25   06 Sep 2005
thanks man, but i've tried both of those.
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d3mol!t!on Rep. 70
#24   06 Sep 2005
If you view the readme here on ..::LvL, it has bits saying " Email ", click that and ..::LvL should let you email the author via a form on this site. Otherwise, if you download the file the readme may well have the email address written. If you've tried these already I don't know anything more to suggest.
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BIOS unregistered
#23   06 Sep 2005
I am trying to get ahold of Sai-KO for permission on a remake of this map for UT2004. Anyone have any idea where i can find him? Thanks.
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<gundown> unregistered
#22   23 Aug 2003
wow this is an awesome map... looks like q3tourney4 on steroids, lol... really enjoy playing this one... great job
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pjw unregistered
#21   23 Sep 2002
Kids, the previous post shows what happens when you eat paint chips as a child. Remember LEAD is BAD.
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info bot unregistered
#20   03 Jun 2002
Sai-KO stole this name of the map it was already taken by an action quake 2 map made years ago poor Sai-KO can't make up his own names for his maps so he steals them lets hope he didnt steal any parts of this map without asking 1st
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gruobnenork unregistered
#19   28 Feb 2002
trop fort quick play good items placement even goob in RA3 or even better with alliance
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hell_danno unregistered
#18   17 Feb 2002
One of the best maps I've ever played!
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publicENEMY unregistered
#17   12 Dec 2001
Defenitely a keeper.

one of the best custom tourney map ive ever play. Ranks along with devdm3.though the texturing could use some work(personal preference)

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Money unregistered
#16   18 Mar 2001
Yeah, i like this map very mucho. Only the item placement (justy the items not the weapons) are a bit close. Thats the only tiny negative side of this cool map
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dadZILLa unregistered
#15   18 Mar 2001
YAHOOOO! this map rawwwks!

good job dude!

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SiCdeth unregistered
#14   15 Mar 2001
this map is awesome

1vs1 ownz

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cool map unregistered
#13   13 Mar 2001
but easy too dominate cuz theres just too much stuff. Awesome for instagib or ra3 though.
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Trenox unregistered
#12   13 Mar 2001
I believe 2 rockets in such a small map is a bit overkill. and both the plasma and shaft seems excesive. The red armour should have a more "dramatic" placement (like t4) but besides from this i think its fucking great :)

nice to finally see some 1vs1 maps that really works.

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Sai-KO unregistered
#11   13 Mar 2001
Thanx for the constructive critisism...I've squashed the co-planer brushes bugs and am now trying to ballance the item-placement....will be re-releasing the map soon :-)
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Syclone unregistered
#10   13 Mar 2001
I also think the rail is too close to one of the rocket launchers, and I would swap the armors, but overall a good map.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#9   13 Mar 2001
I had a few problems with the Red Armor and the Ammo Clips above it. One thing I would have changed would have been Red Armour to Yellow and kept the Ammo clips above.
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Krippler unregistered
#8   12 Mar 2001
Red armor is too much other than tht very cool map
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NOTSKORN unregistered
#7   12 Mar 2001
this map pwns
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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#6   12 Mar 2001
Not the greatest map i've ever seen... I think that the megahealth is way to closely connected to the red armor.

No problems in playing it. I was hooked in about 2 minutes against my friend... I wouldn't call this map a keeper, but it is definitely a strong map. 8/10.

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Auhsan unregistered
#5   12 Mar 2001
This is an old one, I got it for months...really nice 1on1 map...the layout is fucking good
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The Hubster unregistered
#4   12 Mar 2001
This map is f&&king amazing. The items & layout are simply FANTASTIC!

I first played this map months ago, and was addicted to it for a LONG time. Should be used for tournaments in my opinion!

Plays MUCH better in CPM.


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J35us PhrE3k unregistered
#3   12 Mar 2001
...this is great tourney map. I've been playing it a for quiet some time. Once you understand the layout, its amazing

get it , its worth it

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   12 Mar 2001
What version of Q3A are you running? I had no problems at all. Also try sv_pure 0 at the console before you start the map (you should NOT have to use this but it may help)
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Tompe unregistered
#1   12 Mar 2001

When i try to start this map i get a message that says that it caused a problem in Quake3.exe.
And then i have to shut down Quake 3.
And it only happens with this map.
Help..!!!....this map seems to be great i want to play it.

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