Holy Space!
Holy Space! by Oliver
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SW12 unregistered
#12   01 Jun 2011
Is that Planet Neptune in the backround?
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gooball Rep. 1091
#11   31 May 2011
nice map! almost like q3ctf4
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Umutcan (TR) unregistered
#10   11 Jan 2011
Hello! I downloaded this file.

My proposed bots is 6, these are

  • Razor
  • Patriot
  • Hossman
  • Bitterman
  • Sarge
  • Hunter
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nakedape unregistered
#9   11 Aug 2001
just a heads-up:

the Telnetrix TA server ( has this map in it's votable rotation. we've had some fun online matches :)

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space man unregistered
#8   25 Jun 2001
This level is great there should be more space Ctf maps like this one. oliver makes a good map and i hope he does more.
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Case unregistered
#7   13 Jun 2001
Nice.. but too much ammo/health..it really brings down the FPS. Strategically placed YA/50hlth's would be better then 100 5hlth/shards also i think the RL/Rail(s) should be switched.Oh and for those people who don't like the environment map "/R_fastsky 1"

GoodJob on the map! 8)

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the good ;O) unregistered
#6   04 Apr 2001
yo this is a sweet original level

keep up the good work man

i love u

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Damion unregistered
#5   26 Mar 2001
this levels is intense the background kinda bothered me but for the rest of it

grab it now!!!

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long-haired Jim unregistered
#4   21 Mar 2001
Very well made CTF map, my only gripe is the space texture/background- I found it to be distracting, and it doesn't add anything to the map- its poor quality really detracts from the polished look and feel of the rest of the map. I'd suggest it be removed in a future release.

Other than that, a great work. 9 outta 10

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Nicholas unregistered
#3   18 Mar 2001
This is a good first map. Very small and easy with the accelerated paths but I think it can be fun for a 2 v 2 or even a 1 v 1 ctf game. The background space is primitive and could use... something.

Oliver states in his readme that this is his 1st Q3 map and the layout shows it but it is competent and shows some talent.

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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#2   12 Mar 2001
I try to be as nice as possibly, while cutting straight to the point... This map isn't cool. It seems to much like q3ctf4 (Space CTF) and it lags like a bitch (getting 33fps with only 5 bots). Not just that, but there's a couple of clear cut and run pad accelerators you added... too easy to grab the flag and get out. The texturing is pretty good, and everything else is cool... But you should try a different approach of making a space map next time.
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floyd unregistered
#1   12 Mar 2001
i liked this map, but the bases are too close to each other, the sky is uhm, not as good as it could be and the flags really need some kind of marker (and a small retaining wall would be nice behind the flags) ... otherwise a fun map ...
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