flying plutonians
flying plutonians by nunuk
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gooball Rep. 1091
#78   03 Jul 2019
Very crazy gameplay here (and lots of fun). Great map.
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#77   07 Jan 2012
WOW! Outstanding map.
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not entered unregistered
#76   23 Sep 2004
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not entered unregistered
#75   19 Nov 2003
se ve wenome gusta
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GuitarMan unregistered
#74   26 Sep 2003
sandman: it happens because you need a Gamespy login to download anything from the Gamespy network; you can get your own (it's free, no spam) or you can look in ..::LvL's first page where it says "GameSpy Login?" and use the one Tigger-oN offers to LvL visitors.
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sandman unregistered
#73   20 Sep 2003
hey when i try to download it i reach a gamespy site.same happened when i tried to download other do i proceed from the gamespy site?

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sandman unregistered
#72   20 Sep 2003
hey when i try to download it i reach a gamespy site.same happened when i tried to download other do i proceed from the gamespy site?

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hamhock unregistered
#71   10 Feb 2003
awesome !
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<<Redfield>> unregistered
#70   29 Nov 2002
perhaps some day nunuk can teatch me how can i create maps

too?ahh ...thats a good map

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ZAK unregistered
#69   25 Nov 2002
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[TRP]SubZero unregistered
#68   26 Sep 2002


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earth tur unregistered
#67   25 May 2002
i luv that map
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Thomen unregistered
#66   16 May 2002
Excellent choice for the rail

Only a good player can reach it and that makes it as valuable as it should be on a space map!

Visuals rule,the map is a definite 10 along with all your other space maps!!!

Hang on to the rounding jump pads they are great fun!

You are the absolute king of space maps!

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Cythrawll unregistered
#65   07 May 2002
I'm a huge Floater Map fan. nunuk has done a ubermapper job one of the best floaters I have, no other can compare, The flow is perfect and lives up to its name.
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CRUS/DER unregistered
#64   02 May 2002
this map roks man!!!!! sexy graphics and gameplay!!!

just fantastic nunuk!

my rating- 9.9/10

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#63   25 Feb 2002
This map is great fun. Mid-air rocket shots rule :). To all those complaining about the RG placement, that wasn't an accident and was done to encourage fun gameplay rather than just having one person camping with the RG as per usual on space maps. Fun map and a nice break from normal space maps, don't know about pro mode as haven't been able to find anywhere to download it. Bots played pretty good apart from they didn't get RG, PG or MH. Still v. hard to keep up with them on nightmare FFA tho' :). I want to play this with many ppl now, good map.
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da' Camper unregistered
#62   10 Feb 2002
This is one fun map :D
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Potato The Bear unregistered
#61   20 Nov 2001
Cool map man
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Potato The Bear unregistered
#60   20 Nov 2001
Cool map man
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Urban unregistered
#59   19 Oct 2001
Du suger röv!
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(BTR)*KOMMANDER unregistered
#58   18 Oct 2001

really impressive.........

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PJC_2004 unregistered
#57   21 Aug 2001
Nice map I guess
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Loader unregistered
#56   24 Jun 2001
Yeah: 360 degree bouncing and flying action combined with supreme action.

You made it possible Nunuk !!!!

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Halx unregistered
#55   29 May 2001
Really nice and original. Nunuk, please, give us another one like this.
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Venom unregistered
#54   12 May 2001
Great Map!

Throw some headbanging rock in the cd player and start the party!

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Adarac unregistered
#53   04 May 2001
i want to play in this great map for fuck everyone

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Meat-Juice unregistered
#52   09 Apr 2001
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The judge unregistered
#51   07 Apr 2001
quuuuuuuuuuuuuuul mapp this is the moooosttt quuul hmmm but i think this map is no full
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oLK2001 unregistered
#50   29 Mar 2001
Really great map... thx to you!
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Luminos unregistered
#49   28 Mar 2001
This map is brilliant. Well done Nunuk
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DreadlockDragon unregistered
#48   19 Mar 2001
Yes, yes, (boing)yeEEEeeesss...

nunuk has done it again!

This one is great, and I HATE space maps... . . . . . .

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imo unregistered
#47   01 Mar 2001
this is the best map ever
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#46   28 Feb 2001
Wow... the RG IS too hard to reach, but even so, this is indeed a "must-have" map. Utterly gorgeous to look at, and fast to move around on. Nunuk, c'est vraiment incroyable! But make the RG easier to reach on the next one, please... ;-)

The RRROOAAARRR verdict: 9.5/10

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Fraggile unregistered
#45   28 Jan 2001
nunuk, you forgot the music! please put some in.

After playing the map a few times I begin to like it, even with the far away railgun. But I would move the railgun to the place where the plasma is, move the plasma to the shotgunplace and the bfg to the railgunplace. BTW it adds much fun if you use custom bots, especially manga style. I'd recomend teamrocket on this one.

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Beanflicker unregistered
#44   25 Jan 2001
After klesk curves, I was amazed. Now Nunuk comes up trumps again with another fantastic map, with more wierd and wonderful jumppads. get it, and get it on!
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ThunderChicken unregistered
#43   24 Jan 2001
Nunuk, Kink of the toob. What can I say? Great map bro! I gave it an 8 only cause it isnt a CTF map and I love them things. :>) I know a lot of people HATE CTF but I love it. If you ever buld a CTF map Nunuk,...I WANT ONE!!! I know it would be a good one! People if you dont have this map, dont just sit there DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! I dont play DM much and if it was not for Nunuk I never would, I recommend downloading them all. Go here and get them now. :>)

Thanks for the maps Nunuk.


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Fraggile unregistered
#42   23 Jan 2001

if you do an update for this map, please, just make the plattforms on the way to the RG a bit bigger (increase the diameter by 20%), or place a slow moving plattform as in q3dm14. 'til then I will play it with instagib ;) Sorry, but space maps NEED the RG. Just think of The Longest Yard without the RG? I'm thinking of a RG-petitition ;)

You shouldn't be worried about the pros, 'cause your maps don't work with cpm anyway. And for the RL: Youre right, mid air shots are great fun :) but work only for close to mid distances, and for this your map is too open.

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W2k unregistered
#41   21 Jan 2001
Great map, great visuals. The bot play wasn't as good as I expected though, however when playing humans-only it's a great map.
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Scampie unregistered
#40   20 Jan 2001

played the map right after talking with you nunuk... amazing! i love flying! =)

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GrindSpire unregistered
#39   20 Jan 2001
Lovely map, despite the fact I completely failed to send you my beta comments =)

Now go finish AITD 4

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#38   20 Jan 2001
I really enjoy your work, and have been following it for some time. Keep it up, and I'm really looking forward to what you come up with in a "normal" (whatever that means) map.

Once you're done, be sure to let us all know... Also, if you're ever looking for a job, I might know where you can hang your hat.

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nunuk unregistered
#37   19 Jan 2001
mmmm syclone you're right about the deadly jump pads with pmove_fixed set to 1. i don't think i can do anything about it though, else than making another release with those jumpads triggers a bit thicker as well as a RA put a bit higher than it is now. if i had to make a single version compatible with the 2 kinds of accelerations, i would have to change the item for right now, i'm going to leave it as it is.....

i'll see about that later.....

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PNR unregistered
#36   19 Jan 2001
WELL,being a person that cant play online(FREE ISP DOESNT ALLOW ME TOO)Bots are allll i have.This is great fun,thx...Anyone know a free ISP that allows online gaming...i just want to play Q3 once against real people....o well,Ill be back on this board and try to give real good reviews(BOT ONLY)
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nunuk unregistered
#35   19 Jan 2001
tx fraggile for your comment.

concerning the rail, the only thing i did was to give to it a more strategic placement:in order to become a second hand weapon. as you know already, players that are experienced in space maps and who play those a lot know how to perfectly aim with a rail, and the only presence of this weapon in any space map should logically make the level unbalanced. the only reason i leave the rail in it is because it remains a lot of fun in ffa, and space maps are not really aimed for serious "pro" gaming anyway.

as for thr rl: the reason i continue making space maps is simple: with time, players have developped huge techniques in order to be able to make awesome mid air shootings with the rocket. so the player who's rl technique is developed will have more fun in there i suppose. space maps strategies are a bit more basic than in regular maps....the pleasure comes from those shooting techniques.....

The bots still have problems, but you gotta decide between design and bot navigation sometimes...not an easy task.


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Fraggile unregistered
#34   18 Jan 2001
Yeah, another one from nunuk, THE master of the jump pads. This maps looks as good as the rest of him but has two flaws: Bots have some difficulties with this map (don't recomend it for single play or tourney) and the weapon placement is not so logic. The rail is way too hard to reach and the rocket is nearly useless because of the many bouncepads. nunucs last three space maps where a bit better (A must have!), the flow of them was more fluid. If nunuc would replace the rail in a better place, I would give it a 9, so it is just a 8. But you should definitely try it out.
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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#33   18 Jan 2001
I bow to you. We're not worthy. I love blasting at the ants below as you complete the armor circle jump. This one will stay on the hard drive permanent like
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sparq-l unregistered
#32   18 Jan 2001
this map owns! It is nice to see a ghood nunuk space map that works well w/2-3 players. small LANs are a blast to have in the house!
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PAT unregistered
#31   18 Jan 2001
This maps really kicks ass !!

Bravo Nunuk, continue comme ça c'est fantastique !

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WaSp unregistered
#30   18 Jan 2001
this is kewel.

instagib and this map kicks ass :-p

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Deathmonger unregistered
#29   17 Jan 2001
/me keeps playing this level without pause (biological needs only).
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Featured Ripper unregistered
#28   17 Jan 2001
Yummy. There goes a few more fleeting hours of my rapidly fading life.
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WarMachine unregistered
#27   17 Jan 2001
hmmmmm nice one again nunuk hay your space maps are awesome man, if you are going to make other styles of maps i carnt wait carnt wait to see a gothic map from you, hay did you make distonic i carnt remmember off the top of my head if you did its my faverite custom space map hehe till the next time keep up the good work dude :) War
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nunuk unregistered
#26   17 Jan 2001
well...a big thanx to you all. i'll have succeeded in my task if you all have fun fraggin in plutonians.

hmm...i was ready to experiment other styles of maps. and leave space maps aside for a while. i guess that period is going to be short!

however the next level is going to be a regular map (arg!! i said it! space freaks are gonna kill me!!)


Agree (0) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#25   17 Jan 2001
OMFG thats all no bad points to the map

you are the fakkin man

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Jean-Se unregistered
#24   16 Jan 2001
Ha ha !!! I have awaken the beast, I think ! Let's talk to your fans now. YOU are the lazy one here. Am I not right, guyz ?
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flying nunuk unregistered
#23   16 Jan 2001
Jean-se you lazy boy !!!

bring back your ass over there!!! and i'm gonna make you sing!! lol


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Jean-se unregistered
#22   16 Jan 2001
Too bad there's no music to be heard with the map this time ! It just adds so much on the map Klesko. he he...
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nanoSpawn unregistered
#21   16 Jan 2001
that's the fun of this masterpiece, rail whores have to work for getting their candy :P

/me does spiral jumps

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hannibal unregistered
#20   15 Jan 2001
The high water mark of space maps.
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BIGBLACK unregistered
#19   15 Jan 2001
yknow, I normally despise space maps but this one kicks ass and is great-looking to boot. Nice work, and I'll be downloading your others as well =D
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EmaDMossFiden unregistered
#18   15 Jan 2001
I echo most of the comments already here but I want to toss my praise in too! Too much fun. I can't wait to lan this map. Curvin' thru space is a blast - I love to fly out there even if the RA isn't there! Great Job nunuk!
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ZeroSquared unregistered
#17   15 Jan 2001
Yeah! That is where it's at!

I dig the funklaiden jump pads.

Some one beat me to it. Yeah, you have to work to get the RG,

but once you have it };-)

Great Job nunuk!

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Blitzz unregistered
#16   15 Jan 2001
O-M-G, ownage =)

My only real complaint is that you can sometimes miss the railgun when you jump for it, and you teleport out without it =

Other than that, nothing but praise

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nanoSpawn unregistered
#15   15 Jan 2001
ey, you did it again!

and is now better than ever! both sweet looking and funny!

And, the plutonian guy with rl 0wns m3!

definitely, a 9, just some shaders not my taste.

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Cyber unregistered
#14   14 Jan 2001
Woah, this map is just too cool. I normally don't enjoy space maps (I fall off too much, I'm a klutz I guess) but this one is just a blast. Those curving pathed jumppads are great.
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Zaccix unregistered
#13   14 Jan 2001
This is one sweet level! Nice one, nunuk!
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Techx unregistered
#12   14 Jan 2001
OMG! This map is SWEET!! The textures and shaders are very cool.. I really like what hes done with the jump pads.. and the odd and twisted brushes are a nice touch.. good job!
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IMMORTAL unregistered
#11   14 Jan 2001
What should I say , It's . . . perfect:)
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Whoda unregistered
#10   14 Jan 2001
I first heard about this map two days ago when Planetquake said nunuk had released a new map....Well I am now hooked on Nunuk's maps!!! I downloaded this one played it for 3 hours straight, then went right back to his site and downloaded his Kleskonian series, which I spent all night playing thru. Keep up the great work!!!! If you have the Vid card for it crank this sucker up, I have a 64 meg TNT2 and it looks drop dead gorgeous at 1600x1200, 32 bit and full detail. It would be very hard to get better than this! a 9, can't wait for your next map Nunuk.
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topo unregistered
#9   14 Jan 2001
i can't wait to try it out...
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Dark Spot in the Corner unregistered
#8   14 Jan 2001
Nunuk we love you :-)!!! I suppose he will not stop making those wondeful space maps. I hope not :-)

This one is a true rollercoaster, those jump pads will make bounce around the map, never standing still until you die! :-D

C'mon Nunuk, were is Kleskonian Tek... I can't wait for more :-)

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Timmy!!! unregistered
#7   14 Jan 2001
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antimatter unregistered
#6   14 Jan 2001
Damn man! Every map you've ever put out has had a permanent spot on my friends space map-only server and this is no different. Do us all a favor: forget gothic and castle maps is where the fun is at
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Syclone unregistered
#5   14 Jan 2001
OK, I tested it some more.

I had pmove_fixed 1 on before, and it did it,Deathmonger. I think if you set that, you'd alway do it, too. What that does is set up the game to sample player movement much like it would if you had a constant 125 fps, which gives you the most acceleration.

I can also get it to launch me past the jumppads (bottom sides, that take you to the RL on middle level) if I cut down to ugly settings so that I'm getting 140+ fps in that area all the time, which is pretty much the same as pmove_fixed. Set like that, I get it to launch me past the second pads about half the time.

With high quality settings, and pmove_fixed off, it doesn't happen.

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Deathmonger unregistered
#4   14 Jan 2001
Awesome work straight from nunuk's fragopolis. Again, this man strikes our five senses with his last work. Flying plutonians is a good job, aesthetically "weird" and strange but somehow amazing. Nunuk is the only mapper I know that can be proud to have it's own stile. Since Kleskonian Hights i've been looking forward for his levels, none has disapointed me.

Btw... I HAVE NOT experimented any issue with jumpads, they took me wherever they where supposed to, no jumps into void or something like that, just smooth spining awesome pretty funny enjoying jump trails.

Deathmonger: Nunuk ets le milleur.

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Syclone unregistered
#3   14 Jan 2001
Other than that, I forgot to say, it looks nice. Hard to tell gameplay wise unless you play it live with real people.
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Syclone unregistered
#2   14 Jan 2001
Two problems. The side jump pads going to the RLs throw me into the void with pmove_fixed on, and when you fall into the void, you leave a body instead of just disappearing like on DM17.
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not entered unregistered
#1   14 Jan 2001
I could get into this...

Very nice. :]

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