The Spider And The Fly
The Spider And The Fly by ALMighty
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Sandman unregistered
#2   12 Jan 2001
This map was my first made with Radiant and I didn't put much time into it. Neither with Fire.

I will make better maps in the future!

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Dagwit unregistered
#1   11 Jan 2001
For anyone who thinks they remember this map but can't square their memory with the end-of-November release date in the readme, this map was originally released, not as q3smdm2 but as plain old smdm2 (though with the same longname) with a date in the readme of the second of August; I picked it up at the beginning of October.

Incidentally, both this and 'Fight Fire with Fire' (q3smdm3) look good as far as they go, but I'm sure Sandman is capable going much further if he so chooses (hint: avoid symmetry in deathmatch/tourney maps: the map is finished in half the time, for the mapper but, alas, also for the player).

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