The Frag Pipe
The Frag Pipe by sillybilly
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Colton Rep. 349
#8   04 Mar 2016
Rake, it should be fixable by writing a new aas file for this map.
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Rake unregistered
#7   18 Jan 2016
And the bots don't play fine at all bro, they constantly fell into the acid and spin around the Armour and grenade launcher. Never go for the rail, the rocket, the plasma or mega. Is this fixable ?
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SW12 unregistered
#6   08 Jul 2010
I don't understand why rips agitate so many people. This map looks exactly like the original from Quake 2 and that way I can actually believe I am playing that when I play it. I mean I appreciate people trying to recreate them from scratch, but I never really feel like I'm there reminiscing the old days. Especially with Return to the Edge by Charon. That map looked SO off. When The Edge Revisited made me convinced I was really playing Quake 2! These maps would be fun to play with the Generations arena mod. ....If I could only get it to work.
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Qu4k3000 unregistered
#5   30 Sep 2006
this map is the best Q2 remake map i ever played, and unlike simon's fragpipe 2002, you can't survive the pipe bit when it fills with lava by going to one side and jumping like your life depends on it, which it will, i don't really have a problem with textures or architecture, it feels just fine to me
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blackout unregistered
#4   13 Oct 2001
i think that... this convertion is really good but q2 is better than q3 in gameplay.. only urban terror save the q3 game.
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Bea$T unregistered
#3   15 Jan 2001
About time:-)

How about a conversion of Levels by Vertigo?...being waiting a long time for that one...

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Gleeb unregistered
#2   11 Jan 2001
The Q2 Maps rawk, but str8 rips of the levels really annoy me. Way to kill a level.
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   11 Jan 2001
Why is this happening again and again? Please never use original Q2 textures in a Q3 map, they have wrong size, wrong resolution, they just look pale and blurry. Use instead of it the Rorshach or the Ikbase texture sets for Quake2 remakes, they fit the theme quite well.

Also you have to change the architecture in Q3, because the player runs faster and jumps higher then in Q2, the corridors must be a bit longer and the ceilings higher etc. if you want to have similar gameplay as in the original map.

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