Lucid Dream
by Yogi
Lucid Dream by Yogi
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#16   20 Dec 2020
A really good map. I agree with some of the comments below. Especially the bots tend to like the water, these two area's are like a dead end to them, it breaks up their flow. The little bug with the HOM effect is very small but once I noticed it I find it hard to ignore. On my laptop with the HQ textures the lighting is beautiful and very atmospheric. And I really like the vertical 'shortcut' where you can drop down in the hallway to surprise the bots.
Edited 1.29 days after the original posting.
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raspatan Rep. 4518
#15   21 Aug 2020
Wow. What a map! The flow is so good and the gameplay so fast. Love it! One more to my permanent collection.
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membrane Rep. 90
#14   26 Feb 2011
unreal atmosphere )
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MajorDick unregistered
#13   10 Jan 2002
Oh... i should really check the dates on these things, I just typed all that to myself basicly. and not I'm typing this, maybe i should lay of the bong. what was i dooin, i forgo.. oh yeah... am i still typing
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MajorDick unregistered
#12   10 Jan 2002
I like all of Yogi's maps, but I think he forgot to update his .arena file before he relesed it (it says 'No Name'?). And on teh system spec note here, I run a Cel466 w/ an Intel i810 gfx card, now i don't know if its just the compatibility of the CPU and GPU, but I recently discovered I could use the lightmap and gl exts. and only suffer a 2(yes TWO) FPS drop. its only timedemo average ~22.4 but with vertex it was only ~24-30. It odd, but I'm happy. btw, the graphics is a fixed(stupid pavillion) shared 11 megs. So celerons can be good at something as long as you got the RAM to back it (had 64, now maxed out at 256, i love christmas, thanx sis:)
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Interceptor unregistered
#11   05 Jan 2001
I agree about the lack of verticalty, well said The Hubster. Personally I think the water could've been taken out. Bots tend to cluster in the area where the teleporter and the area on the screenshot.
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The Hubster unregistered
#10   03 Jan 2001
Nice work Yogi. A good introductory level for the newbie duellist, but also fun for the veterans...

Only quip is that the level could have been a little more vertical in layout. Otherwise, a good, solid, and well polished piece of work.


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Rainman - TD unregistered
#9   03 Jan 2001
Al Gecko, how about be generous and allow ppl to spend money, say, on beer or smth. Besides, I didn't say that the framerate sucks, just that it's below the average I have. I think that this map id realy good, but: 1 - I like Yogi's previous map much more (it's great). 2 - While trying to make an impessive texture and brush work, ppl smtms forget about fps.

What do U call cheap? Ever heard about the economical crisis in Russia?

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Johnny Law unregistered
#8   02 Jan 2001
hhmz, it was re-released at one point to fix something... not sure if that was relevant to the problem you're seeing or not.

Might check out this version and see (if you haven't yet).

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Al Gecko unregistered
#7   02 Jan 2001
How do You -Rainman - TD- manage to play ID's original maps? You should be a little generous and allow the mapping community to have a few highend-maps for highend-systems. But this map 'Lucid Dream': If someone is not able to play this map on a reasonable framerate, he/she is not able to play Q3A at all.

There are rather cheap GeForces around. Increasing the RAM does help, too.

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Yogi unregistered
#6   02 Jan 2001
Ohh.. this is an old one, wel glad to see some people still enjoy it and all. The map has a bug or two, well spotted hhmz, but apart from the odd bug, it was ok for my first Q3 effort :) Thanks for the feedback guys, it's always great to read your thoughts on my work, as well as other maps reviewed on LvL. Keep it up!
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Not Entered! unregistered
#5   01 Jan 2001
I wish more maps were released with a night setting like this. Yogi didn't even use any custom textures (there's a couple but they're minor) and yet he got a pretty unique look by going with a night sky and blue lighting. It's a tad on the dark side but still done very well.
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GrindSpire unregistered
#4   01 Jan 2001
It was, like several months ago.

Nice map though

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hhmz unregistered
#3   01 Jan 2001
Great map, i seem te remember this on being released some time ago.. btw there is a little error in it, could be just my system bt take a look at this sshot.

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Rainman - TD unregistered
#2   01 Jan 2001
Good map. Great gameplay, nice graphics... but I don't know... maybe some optimization (caulking or smth) would help the map. I have a Cel 400 with Monster 3D 2 - which I know isn't 2 good now, but I still think that maps should work fast on any more or less modern computer. And I didn't even try to play it on the net! - 2 slow at my home PC
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Al Gecko unregistered
#1   01 Jan 2001
Beautiful. Good botplay. Will stay on my harddrive!
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