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Neverlands Industrie
by GrEG
Neverlands Industrie by GrEG
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Tig Rep. 844
#4   20 Jul 2013
Thanks gggerman. The author and map title has been updated.
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gggerman unregistered
#3   20 Jul 2013
ws.q3df.org/map/oel2/ Name of the map is "Neverlands Industrie" and the author is GrEG
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1740
#2   09 Jun 2011
I would have given the map a better vote if: #1:Bot support was added. #2: The walls had something like mountains, or they would be waterfalls. #3: Less dead ends. Other than that I actually kinda liked the map. I'll give it a 4.5 for effort, and the features that I liked about it; (Underground architecture and no missing textures)
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lok unregistered
#1   29 Sep 2010
this map is.. terrible! holy crap, shoot yourself, mr. 15-yr-old-author!
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