SDM04: Maximum Security
SDM04: Maximum Security by Shmitz
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Dutch unregistered
#6   25 Mar 2000
Am I the only one that sees a long interior wall with no texture? If this map required the ctf or three wave pak , it should have been stated as such.
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DarkOne unregistered
#5   01 Feb 2000
I personaly think this is one of the better maps I have played for q3, as for the cells its real simple. Watch where you going, and if you do misstep just rocketjump out of there. I have played this many times and only fallen in to the cells once. This map is definetly worth the download if your looking for a good 4-5+ player map.
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szcx unregistered
#4   01 Feb 2000
What good is a maximum security prison if it's easy to break out of your cell?

Shmitz's maps are Shmitztacular.

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Hokies unregistered
#3   01 Feb 2000
This map is a lot of fun and the one thing I have to disagree with is the assessment that those "prison cells" are easy to fall in. I have played it plenty and maybe fell in twice. Each time it was a simple Rocket Jump out and I was on my merry way. I understand where people could see them annoying but I don't think they truly detract from the map. All in all this is my favorite Q3 map yet for 5 player or more.
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AssBall unregistered
#2   01 Feb 2000
has some potential but there is nothgin to really make it stick out. I don't see the point of having a BFG or the force fields in general. Nothing really stood out in this map to make it fun to play. Keep trucking though, Shmitz, your layout and archetecture have definate potential.
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#1   31 Jan 2000
I have to agree with the review.

It's a pretty cool map. A wee-bit sparse in places and there's a funky staircase with a bar above it (see screenshot). It makes me think that you needed a way up, but hadn't thought it through (I've been subject to this myself).

I like it, except for the aforementioned "cells". It's too easy to get stuck in them, and kinda sucks to have to kill yourself.

Would've been nice if they opened from the inside or something.

Nice change from everything else I've seen, though.

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