MorpheusX by Chainsaw
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#19   29 Jun 2019
the issue here for me is that often a conversion is lost in translation. this doesn't make sense in Q3. the author would have been wise to have selected a more appropriate UT map for Q3
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Janet Rep. 370
#18   22 Jul 2018
Well done! I love these UT remakes!! 😎👍👍
(Can confirm: the bots are very dumb on this map, they always fall off!)
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#17   02 Feb 2014
Edit: This actually looks identical to the UT99 version of the original map. Whenever I try loading this map up, it somehow doesn't allow me to open the map. I'm not sure if it is the .UT the author has placed or a .PK3 because to me, the screenshots look so similar to the original UT99 version.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#16   07 Jan 2012
My fav UT map :) I love it!
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Nitebeat unregistered
#15   26 Dec 2001
Visually a great conversion..

Ho boy.. for real?

Way too dark, ugly textures ugh..

Sorry the ut version simply blows this thing to oblivion.

And btw there's no air control in q3(not much anyway) so.. it's not the same... :(

not by a longshot...

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Defender unregistered
#14   04 Oct 2000
It looks good, but I'm still downloading. I do have a question though. Where can I get more UT like maps for Q3A? My Geforce is faster in Q3 than UT and it looks good too. also, where can I find the longest yard for UT? my brother inlaw has a V3 and likes UT more than Q3, but he loves that level. email me at or just post here I guess. ICQ me at 441168. Thanks!
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DBD unregistered
#13   27 May 2000
Yes, bots only fall in this map but are also often stuck in one place. There's two map one with very low gravity as the UT one but there it sucks because of lack of air control. The second one has a higher gravity and plays better but bots still play it very bad and gameplay isn't good. The look is as the UT one, ok but not so good. Overall obvious quality of mapping but at the end the port sucks. Gave it 2.
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$uSh| }{ unregistered
#12   22 May 2000
Good map..........just something was missing to it,I found the gameplay to be really stale and not that competetive.

((Bots kept falling off, stupid asses. hehehe)) Good attempt overall, i gave it an 8.

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hardknox unregistered
#11   20 Mar 2000
i have a 500 w128, so ahhhhhhhhhhhm ganna :P
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Al unregistered
#10   01 Mar 2000
You should definatly cut out some the graphical effects and speed the whole thing up. I wouldn`t down load this unless you had a machine like p500 with 128mb, its too slow to be any fun. The speed of morphous was what made it so much fun, ironic eh, quake3 is ment to be fast. No in thism map any how.
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Scampie unregistered
#9   30 Jan 2000
... everytime I come to find new custom maps, there's always some woop-ie trying for free fame by copying someone else.
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Chainsaw unregistered
#8   29 Jan 2000
Thanks for the general enthusiasm. I've ask for the map to stay up until the new version, next week. Note again that the new version won't be able faster, just adds a CTF and Domination map, and fixes a few bugs.
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Kenny[CPB] unregistered
#7   29 Jan 2000
Hi just a word to tell that i find this map on an european server.

Just try the find file option in Go!zilla.

BTW just play the grapple version and I can't wait for the new version of your map :)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#6   29 Jan 2000
Chainsaw - sorry about the mess-up with putting the map up, things have just been ummm... crazy? - email me the new version and i'll do a second review and listing. (things have realy just been out-of-control over the last few weeks, sorry)
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Chainsaw unregistered
#5   28 Jan 2000
The lag is a problem, it's fine on a LAN with some reasonable machines. Try using VertexLighting for a HUGE speed increase. Air control is a little tricky, takes a while to get used to it in quarter gravity.

I'm not trying to justify the maps problems. I could have made it move faster by using less shaders, but I loved the chrome effect on the buildings ;-> It plays reasonable on my P2 300 Voodoo 2's though, with low enough settings.

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T@ils unregistered
#4   28 Jan 2000
I played the UT conversion of Q3A's best map, The Longest Yard, so its fair if I play a Q3A conversion of UT's best map, Morpheus.

The only problem I found was the lag. But thats either the map or my computer. Either way, I enjoyed it. Good work!


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Kenny[CPB] unregistered
#3   28 Jan 2000
Nice map

I really love the overall theme but it's not really playable

Just tried in a LAN and OMG what scores :)


The railgun owns the map BTW

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Chainsaw unregistered
#2   27 Jan 2000
It's not meant to be a straight conversion, that wouldn't work with the two games different physics engines, and of course the different weapons! I tried to "Quake it up" a little.

I did ask for this not to be put on the site yet, as I have a new version coming next week which fixes a few things that slipped through the numerous tests, and adds both a CTF and Domination version ;->

And Stecki, Chainsaw is just my name!

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[667]TheRipper unregistered
#1   27 Jan 2000
It's a great conversion, but it just doesn't feel like the original.
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