Battlefield by macho
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SW12 unregistered
#5   02 Nov 2010
Is this map's theme a warzone?
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RedOne Rep. 67
#4   02 Nov 2010
Pretty good map actually. Its small filesize is waht claims for the atention. it uses ID textures, which with good brushwork received a new life. Trhough this map isnt nothing unique, its good (i recommend using sarge for the bot)
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Martin Stevonka ak macho unregistered
#3   22 Aug 2000
Thanks for comments

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Octovus unregistered
#2   20 Aug 2000
Wow! Nice one man! A rather simple, but very fun nonetheless, map. It's pretty small so there isn't much room for a misplaced item; it would destroy gameplay. But there are no misplaced items imh(umble)o.

I thought at first that the GL was pointlessly placed in that corner..who would want a GL on the lowest level anyway? But when you spawn on the lower level, with, no doubt, some RL or RG weilding person raining death from above on you, you go for whatever gun you can get!

I liked this map for a 2 or 3 player FFA more than tourney, moslty because of the heavy top-favoring layout. Sure, the only health up there was in +5, but there were 5 of them in a row, and combined with the RG and RL it made for too much camping in Tourney.

But a very fun FFA nonetheless, 8 outa 10!

L8rs! Octovus{QsRu}

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peter watson unregistered
#1   20 Aug 2000
this map is EXCELLENT. a pat on the back to the author! NICE ONE!
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