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Personal Space by [pd] aPhobic
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#3   14 Jun 2020
This map now allows for bots (May 2020). It's fun for a few rounds. Against a human would be much much better. Personally, I would have had the pad on the other side of the platfomr, connecting with the upper floor. I would have made it a bit larger too.
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macho unregistered
#2   20 Aug 2000
aas.file is really missing but the level is COOL.

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neonite unregistered
#1   20 Aug 2000
unfriggin' believable..

finally one of the quake games ships with bots, who are fun 2 play against, no matter what others say, and still some out there don't bother to make an aas.file so you can enjoy the level offline..

:( damn shame

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