House of the Rising Sun
House of the Rising Sun by r_speeds
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hannibal unregistered
#30   28 Oct 2001
This map makes me feel brand new.

Nice work m8.

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UniKuM unregistered
#29   20 Aug 2000
The best map I have ever played on! More maps like this please!!
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phil unregistered
#28   31 Jul 2000
very good map, essentially for tourney, where the reveals all his potential of stress !
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r_speeds unregistered
#27   12 Jul 2000
i dont understand why people complain about too many teleporters.. your not obligated to use them...
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Da reviewer unregistered
#26   08 Jul 2000
Free for All

A good map
Not the best graphics but the gameplay was better
Bots could have been better
But on the Internet it will be a good map for FFA

Team DM

This wasnt so good it was to small
If you wanna play TDM then do it 2vs2 or 3vs3


To big map for tournament just to big!

The Good

Good gameplay in FFA

The Bad

Bots are not so good
Not so good graphics
To big for Tournament


DM 76%
TeamDM 54%
Tournament 61%

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r_speeds unregistered
#25   07 Jul 2000
i think different bots are attracted to the RA different amounts...

anarki is pretty attracted to it, but on the other hand he will never use the lightning gun, he'd rather use the machine gun....

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Hi-C unregistered
#24   07 Jul 2000
Very sharp aesthetically and lots of fun to play.

One quibble: in botplay, on nightmare, it didn't seem like the ra attracted the bot that much.

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Sehlio unregistered
#23   06 Jul 2000
I know that the pro mode takes out footsteps Octovus.

I was just taking a guess that he would be a fan of it because he made an issue of how tourney levels shoudnt have footsteps, which i think is odd because ppl tend to make noise when they run around. I dont mind the lack of footsteps in the upper levels of tig_den because its got a different texture and its a small area. The lack of them in the majority of rising sun i just found odd. Thats all... :)

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Octovus unregistered
#22   06 Jul 2000
Nothing wrong with pro mode in and of itself..but..anyways

First of all, Blah, it's rated as a 2-5 player DM/Tourney map. U can say they screwed up, but then don't blame us for rating as a Tourney OR DM level as we choose. Also, we have no idea what we're talking about if we don't like tourney? So if we don't like tourney, that means we don't know what makes a good tourney map? I think not.

But besides that, the footsteps wouldn't make any difference to pro-mode fans anyways, considering as they are taken out all together Sehlio (which is to say, Blah if playing this in ProMode wouldn't have noticed the lack of footsteps in some areas)

Just my thoughts!


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Hubster[NeRV] unregistered
#21   06 Jul 2000
And whats wrong with Pro Mode? It's a great Mod!
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Sehlio unregistered
#20   05 Jul 2000
I take it your a pro mode fan Blah? :)
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Blah unregistered
#19   05 Jul 2000
Hello whiney children baby persons, this is a tournament level. If you don't play tournament levels, you won't like the footsteps. Rate it accordingly.

If you don't play tourney, you shouldn't rank tourney levels because you have no idea what you're talking about. I don't rank gimmick/eyecandy maps because I think they're trash. Somebody might like them, so it's best to let the people who play them rank the maps.


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Stanley unregistered
#18   05 Jul 2000
Cool map, but the lack of foot steps on the lower levels is really lame. I also think the clip brushes needed to be a little closer to the brushes (especially in the room where the teleporter, the health, and the extra rockets). Otherwise, it's pretty fun.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#17   05 Jul 2000
very nice, i like the item layout alot better than in the first version i played...
i like how everything looks clean (no z-fighting) and theres a lot of nice little details.

i give it a 7

i would have given it an 8, but the fact that theres no footsteps on most of the map is kinda disorientating, it's a good idea but not for the whole map.

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Octovus unregistered
#16   05 Jul 2000
Wee! Time to's working so expect comments soon.

Btw, check Peter Watson's first 3 letters me being stuck with Gib on a Quake website =P )

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Drahd unregistered
#15   04 Jul 2000
Real nice flow, but a bit ugly.
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RedFive unregistered
#14   04 Jul 2000
The teles didn't bother me at all. What I really liked was the RA catwalk; it's just a blast strafe-jumping the thing full speed while trying not to fall into a crater! Make sure you have plenty of health though. I'd like to thank TankJr for telling me where the RG was !!! Here's an 8 for this very fun, if a bit plain (texture wise) map.

It's too bad that the biggest source of Quake stuff is also the biggest source of headaches. I hope you find a nicer new home Tig.

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Sehlio unregistered
#13   04 Jul 2000
A fun map, the teleporters werent bad, and were easy to use, not disorientating like some maps. A didnt like the fact that you didnt make footstep sounds. You should make noise as you run around a level but thats just my opinion. Ill give it an 8.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#12   04 Jul 2000
hey i played the beta of this map, wonder if anything new is going on...

about fileplanet:

i noticed that Tig has put a link to download the maps from the mappers website, well i think that it should be a given from now on to do that with every map, since theres no telling when something can be downloaded from fileplanet or not.

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hmmz unregistered
#11   04 Jul 2000
great map, shame about the teleporters wich aren't really neaded in this map, but still great 1
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j*sus unregistered
#10   04 Jul 2000
I really go for tourney levels that offer some in your face action and some hunting action. This level offers both.

I like the long range railgun fights for the middle/red armour and the tight corridors make for some nice prediction and splash damage for those rocket/lightning fights. Even a pineapple tosser for desperate moments and reaching into campy little holes in the basements. Good thinking.

I prefer, as a player, a map that has two "sides" or "levels" that they can restore and fight from vs. a mish-mash of armour and weapons that just lay around the level. This map has great balance and flow that was apparent in 1 - 20 minute session that just got better as we played and I can see this as a serious tourney level.

Bot play was even nice with my special Judgedredd bot that I programmed really liking this level..too much..

The looks of the map are very id-ish, meaning clean and professional without any aesthetic problems that would ruin the atmosphere of a good tourney and decent/beleivable lighting.

Thanks r_speed for a very nice map.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#9   04 Jul 2000
Actually there are footstep sounds on the upper walkways, which makes for a bit of a twist.

This is a cool duel map. I think there are one or two too many teleporters -- maybe as "quick fixes" for flow problems that could have been solved in other ways -- but still a lot of fun. A big main room with a good "combat surface" and several well-balanced, well-connected secondary areas. Thumbs way up.

BTW, you can download this map also at -- and like many of these tourney maps, you can vote to play it on kitty1's duel server (see for info).

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undeaDDisney unregistered
#8   04 Jul 2000
Oh! me -Don Senilo' forgot to mention: missing footstep-sounds are making ME weird. No download by me/ no rating.
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undeaDDisney unregistered
#7   04 Jul 2000
Fileplanet responsible for downloading-problems. I mailed them several times: those lunatics say: 'there is no problem'!

But: Sometimes, if you wait for a rather long time, the download is functioning.

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Gu4rDi4N unregistered
#6   04 Jul 2000
This map rocks, very nice layout, no laggy spots, great gameplay. I do have to mention that with no footstep sounds (and with bobbing turned off, like I have it) it feels like you are skating through most of the level. Not that that's bad, just weird.
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fileplanet = poop unregistered
#5   04 Jul 2000
It's not just peter and it isn't just LvL's fileplanet access (which wouldn't be their fault anyway). I always have problems downloading from fileplanet lately. I just hope Tig is having some luck finding a new home for this site. Judging by the lack of comments and smaller number of downloads lately, a move is really needed.
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Dutch unregistered
#4   04 Jul 2000
Well Octovus...did you try this level? I usually like to read the comments first.I know this guy upset you , but you could have commented on this. Oh well I will Dl now and find out.
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Octovus unregistered
#3   04 Jul 2000
Great, another flame about FilePlanet

Hmm, I wonder Peter, you just must be the only person experiencing this problem because you are the only one crying about it. Oh wait, no, it's just because only you and one or two others can't fit your head out of that hole in the ground it's in to see that it isn't Lvl's fucking problem, even if it is extremely annoying at times.

You asking them to start their own FTP or something?

(Yes, I do know that this is mostly a flame, but if you delete this please delete ALL of the stupid comments about how the downloads are screwed. It's not as if we didn't notice, and when mappers like r_speeds only find "Fuck u guys I couldn't download it u fags" on the comment board it doesn't make them want to submit any more maps does it? =P

L8rs! Octovus

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peter watson unregistered
#2   04 Jul 2000
Why oh why can't those philistines at fucker planet sort out the problem many people seem to be experiencing when down loading things??? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I GOT TO TELL YOU. IT IS FUCKING ANNOYING NOT BEING ABLE TO DOWN LOAD IT. Can you fucking read or are you illiterate?????
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RAMBO unregistered
#1   04 Jul 2000
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