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RedFive unregistered
#4   03 Jul 2000
Nope, this map just doesn't click for me. I also find the water tele annoying, as you become frag bait if you try to enter it. But at least Haust shows he can map, which is something I can't do. Oh, and I didn't see any missing textures (dload the TWCTF tex pak !!!), and I wouldn't know a misaligned tex if it jumped in my face !!! Here's a 6.
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miles666 unregistered
#3   03 Jul 2000
wow, no rl. besides the rail maps, i think this is the first custom map i've seen without a rl. pretty nice gameplay, grab the rail and go to town. kinda easy to own the map though, grab mh then drop down to ra.
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Dagwit unregistered
#2   01 Jul 2000
I've now had another wander round the map, and missing textures found I none (misaligned is another matter).

I've recently been sorting my maps into different folders I can switch to under the 'Mods' menu, and I've found in doing this that some maps with hitherto missing textures have had those textures magically appear - I suspect that conflicts with texture or shader names in other maps, now in different folders, may have been responsible for the textures originally being missing.

Could such a conflict have caused the missing texture problem described in the review?

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Dagwit unregistered
#1   01 Jul 2000
What's valuable about this map is that there's no RL in it. So if your first act on respawning is to strafe-jump not run to the nearest RL spawn, a turn round this arena may serve as a healthy corrective.

Well, maybe not healthy, but you know what I mean.

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