SiegeWar by Trenox
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Crunch unregistered
#7   25 Jun 2000
Ahh intersting to see something different from time to time..

The structure is unusual and provide some very fun gameplay in fact.. even the lighning is cool, it look like a stadium full of spotlights :)

Strange map but actually very fun.

"Your map is... different" :p

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Tyre unregistered
#6   24 Jun 2000
But there are loads of maps available that are fun to play AND look great - so there is just no point in releasing poor-looking maps.
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Trenox unregistered
#5   23 Jun 2000
sorry for the readme:( -I was a complete newbie when i wrote it...

Could someone please tell me how to identifie textures that aren't standard so this mistake doesn't happen again. The problem was that the custom textures somehow managed to "blend" in with the original without my knowledge!

please don't discard it because of the weak apperance -it is actualy quite fun to play:)

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LUPUSiTaLicuS unregistered
#4   23 Jun 2000
Please don't dowload it

I have 167 maps and now it is in my wastebasket. Very bad map.

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Tyre unregistered
#3   22 Jun 2000
This one damns itself it the readme file. First, the author says he hasn't included some textures needed, and gives the name of another file for them (but no address where to get it). Second, he says he has concentrated on gameplay at the expense of graphics, which is mapper-speak for "I know this looks squittiferous but I can't be bothered to fix it".

Well, I can't be bothered to play it. In the bin.

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Cranial Bore unregistered
#2   22 Jun 2000
Not Bad for a first map

just make sure you use moving sky's in future.

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Niptlar unregistered
#1   22 Jun 2000
I'm getting a lot of texture errors here.

The item placement is good, but the gameflow is a little slow, plus there are camping areas. :( I guess forts do that sort of thing.

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