Powerslave by Catalyst
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bepisman Rep. 148
#8   15 May 2020
Based off of the Iron Maiden album, Powerslave, which is one of my favourite albums of all time, but this map isn't anything special unfortunately.
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Tig Rep. 1652
#7   20 Jul 2012
RA3 requires at least two people (not bots). You need to set-up a server too.

Personally, I think RA3 is great on a LAN with 3 to 4 players max unless you are playing a RA3 Clan Arena level, then you often want a lot more players.

A few quick video links (really quick search only):
Standard RA3 (1vs1 or 2vs2):

Clan Arean RA3:

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CZghost Rep. 1681
#6   20 Jul 2012
I might to try the RA, but seem to have broken function. Had RA3, the maps cannot load...
Have I to download original RA v1?
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#5   20 Jul 2012
This level is COOL! But in Rocket Arena :(

The problem with RA3 is I have nobody to play it with, so I don't have it anymore.

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Variant unregistered
#4   19 Jun 2000
Well frankly I think it sucks for any multiplayer, but if your a sucky player like me (I'm not a newb, but I didn't get into online playing until Quake 1 and I was on modem so I really didn't call myself a (somewhat serious) quaker until I got my cable modem around the time the Quake3Test was going on) Anyhow, my point being, I loaded this map up with 1 Hardcore bot and had loads of fun practicing my rocket skills, this map OWNS for this purpose, I highly recommend if you want to practice your rocket skills you do this, or add 2 hardcore bots if you can handle it. I gave it a 5 since altho it had no real purpose for online play, its a great solo map for bots. I think its the stairs that adds this element, you have to rocket jump just to really make sure you get a shot at anyone on the top of it, atleast a direct shot, if you do otherwise its blind luck. Its capacity for bunny hopping (which is by far easily 50% of the reason I play quake and not CS or any other fps (Quake physics own all fps games so far, even Tribes). Someone tried to convince me HalfLife had a good physics engine? Isn't that laughable or am I in the wrong here?

My bot went for quad twice in the entire time I played, not much true, I'd suggest if this gets changed to make it static at the center of the main area, make it so you HAVE to rocket jump from the stairs to get it, that might make it interesting, wait, would bots grab it then?

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RedFive unregistered
#3   18 Jun 2000
I usually like simple Death Arenas but this one just didn't click. It's much to drab for my tastes. Here's a 4 for at least being able to do a map, which is something I don't think I'll ever aspire to !!!
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Biff_Debris unregistered
#2   18 Jun 2000
"Slaughterhouse" is a good description -- I love this map! It rules to slowly pan around past the smoke trails and gib-piles, or bunny-hop burning death down upon your unsuspecting prey, or leap-frogging over them from behind. Mindless fun for those who like to frag for frag's sake.
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Steinecke unregistered
#1   18 Jun 2000
Slaughterhouse-type gameplay; not my cup of tea. Sky is beautiful. Bots not interested in Quad and teleporters. Looks a little bit bland. Three points.
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