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Crazy (Number1) unregistered
#6   07 Sep 2003
Looking at brenter again and noticed my old comment on 7 March were i said best map ever, nothings changed for over a year and a half, played probably another 1000 maps and yes this is still the BEST MAP!!!!
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crazy unregistered
#5   07 Mar 2002
best map ever played

played about 1000maps!

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Reptile unregistered
#4   21 Apr 2001
Can't exactly talk about frags,but i like this crazy map.Only thing is,it crashes the game,after i installed 1,16

i think.I hit delete,but if there's a solution to it,i'll

download it again.Ok,Brenter?

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drgntearz unregistered
#3   09 Aug 2000
Ahhhh fuck...no broadband for me....
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PogoJoe unregistered
#2   28 Jun 2000
I think it was clever having the routes not so obvious. Great use of jumppads. Best space map I've seen so far. The teleporter at the bottom middle is strange, one usually falls off the map after getting the bfg that way, instead I usually get it by side-strafing of one of jumppads.
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not entered unregistered
#1   24 Jun 2000
Total crud
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