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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1950
#5   07 Jun 2011
I like a lot of aspects of this map. I definitely give it points for originality, and creativity for everything it has.

Cool map overall. At least he/she tried!
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Meatboy Dog food unregistered
#4   20 Jun 2000
Hey keep that nifty sprial and floating logs and put them inside a multi level map. The water pit would go nicely as the bottom of the level. Step back and try it again. Plenty of good ideas here
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dTd unregistered
#3   20 Jun 2000
Hey sorry guys, I was trying to make a difficult to play map and just got sidetracked while reading some tutorials ;) I really didn't spend all that much time on the spiral, just a cut - rotate - raise - paste. I thought the color themes were cool though. You can jump out on the floating "logs" and sometimes a bot will follow you out there. Err. I must be missing something on the gameplay though, I admit that I am pretty adept at running on the thin rails and jumping up and down, really I thought the gameplay was ok "if" you can navigate the map.

blob999z: What video card do you use? I want to know why the water looks like fog. I have here a grforce ddr, a TNT2 Ultra, and a voodoo2 , it looked like water on them to me ;)

Variant: I'm glad you found it very hard to play, it was supposed to be hard. Like I already said, I kinda got sidetracked with the movers and the spiral.

Just my own point, I really like the main room with the gray walls and the oval style, the bots are hell here and I consider myself a pretty good player but could never win if I stayed in this room.

ta ta

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blob999z unregistered
#2   19 Jun 2000
Uhm.... what happened to this level. If it wasnt for my brother i woudnt have to get it.

He is 8.The spiral ramp was cool and easy to get through.The water was blue showing no detail at all. It just made it seem like the fog of death, but instead in the color blue.

For creativity i gave it a 1

For the ramp i gave it a 1

I know you must i have put alot of effort into it but his is my opinion

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Variant unregistered
#1   18 Jun 2000
I liked the spiral staircase, being an amatuer mapper I was impressed, that must have been alot of vertice dragging in addition to your run of the mill spiral creation. I hated the map tho, very hard to play with, I fell into the deathpits and such a million times over, not very satisfied at all, I know alot of work must have gone into that staircase but it was bad placement and the map just sucks gameplay-wise

I gave it a 1

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