Claustrophobopolis - The Return
Claustrophobopolis - The Return by shizbaz
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#26   22 Jul 2011
Well, I liked it.
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#25   27 Jan 2003
Not good, it´s a straight bsp-conversion, resulting in wrong scaling, and the textures look way to blurry.
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My Friend Stanley unregistered
#24   12 Mar 2000
GREAT job!! I absolutely LOVE this conversion!
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hux|AzRaeL unregistered
#23   17 Jan 2000
This is just one the best conversions i´ve seen.

I´ve tried it on a lan(with some QW bastards)

& it was great fun. But i agree about the timing on the platforms, they´re maybe to fast.

very good job

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alii unregistered
#22   16 Jan 2000
I didn't see any porblems that bots had with buttons? they seemed to press them just fine, even dropped me in the lava a few times. they never go for the mega health or grenage launcher tho
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poo unregistered
#21   15 Jan 2000
A conversion of The Edge and Warehouse from Q2 have been done already, look for
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zeldrik unregistered
#20   14 Jan 2000
nice map conversion but i felt it could and should have beeen improved from the original

just a few little changes to make it better

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Boogieman unregistered
#19   14 Jan 2000
How good this level is depends on what shizbaz was supposed to be doing.

Compared to the other conversions out there, this is one of the better ones. But the timing on the floor opening and the moving platform to the GL are way too fast.

This is the most bot unfriendly level I have played for Q3A. The bots don't seem to understand buttons; Ranger kept trying to get the Red Armor without hitting the button. They also don't go for Quad or the grenade launcher or the yellow armor. They only stay in the plasma gun (formerly Nail gun) and rocket launcher areas. It's super easy to control the megahealth and the armors, and with Quad on top of that, Nightmare bots just fux0r up all the time. The bots like hot tubs too it seems, hehe.

But if you can forget about the bots, and if this wasn't thought of as a conversion but as any other Q3A level, it's a friggin' blast with some friends.

I really liked the level, shizbaz. :-)

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shizbaz unregistered
#18   14 Jan 2000
To essobie: Don't worry you don't have to puke your guts out. I released it I guess just to release it..not because 'someone else would anyway'. Probably the crack I was smoking at the time didn't help either. The map isn't perfect and I take absolutely no credit for it since I didn't make it.

As for ra3....


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F|ush unregistered
#17   14 Jan 2000
Umm :D oh the level

I havent played it.


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gosh unregistered
#16   14 Jan 2000
yeah but your still talking about it
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Essobie unregistered
#15   13 Jan 2000
to gosh: I didn't download it.

to shizbaz: I'm not worked up about it... I'm just wondering why converting old maps is fun for a map maker that obviously has some talent (this is going on the trust that you did indeed do this conversion from nothing).

To me, the pure fun aspect of "seeing if it could be done" is fine... but why release it?

If you say "because someone else would have done it anyway" I'm gonna puke my guts out. :)

I'm really waiting for someone to make a REAL "fake" ra3 map (you know... with the weapon/ammo/armor entities tied to spawn points, g_gametype set to 1, fraglimit set to 1, g_warmup set to 5). So far nothing but ra1 maps out there like that. Please... no more of the bisymetrical rocketdancing arenaX clones.


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LuNaTiC unregistered
#14   13 Jan 2000
I had the idea to do the

edge a couple months ago but

i felt if i couldnt do the OG

justice. Maybe in the future.

Look for my map stalkyardq3

soon right here on LvL.

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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#13   13 Jan 2000

the old maps that neva die even after playing them a million times u still come back 4 more

ok i sorta have a map request now can sum1 please make q2dm1 "THE EDGE" that map kicked ass!!!!!

well thats all i gotta say :)

oh 1 more thing if u dont like converted maps just dont play them its thats simple :)

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Sili unregistered
#12   13 Jan 2000
Simply because it is fun! I don't understand why everyone makes such a big deal out of this! Personally, I like playing conversions of old maps. A couple of years ago I had a blast playing converted Q1 maps on Q2! I'm very anxious to play this map as it will be the first conversion of an old map that I've played on Q3. It's a map that I'm familiar with and yet I'll be able to play it with the feel of Q3. Thanks Shizbaz! I'll let you know how much I like it after I play it. The screenshot is incredibly true to the original!
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Salbutamol Aphex OD unregistered
#11   13 Jan 2000
This map is cool, even though i didn't really like the original...

BTW, to all American dewds: QUAKE 2 SUX!! Play Quake 1 or Arena or something, just don't do Quake 2 :)

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dRxL unregistered
#10   13 Jan 2000
thanks for making this map!

You've made an oldtimer very happy...

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Shubby unregistered
#9   13 Jan 2000
The ideea of a remake is good, but the remake itself isn't that good. The corridors are tighter, the platforms over the lava are different, the lighting is sometimes weird... anyway, nice try and i hope to see dm4 soon!
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Pyro unregistered
#8   13 Jan 2000
Im not into conversions or converted maps because I like playing new stuff but you did a good job.
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gosh unregistered
#7   13 Jan 2000
my my my if you don't like conversions just don't download it. I thought it was cool to see a great old map revived its not like shizbaz was pretending it was an original.
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Beth unregistered
#6   13 Jan 2000
I played the level twice, and I personally didn't like pushing the buttons on the walls (and it got irritating the second time around)--although I did like the button implemented in Q3DM7 which allows access to the basement.

I just got into FPS games, and I'm sure that the old quake games are fun, but the textures used in this map don't appeal to me all. These are just my preferences. Thank you very much, and I will be looking forward to playing your upcoming maps.

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shizbaz unregistered
#5   13 Jan 2000
Hrmm..people sure do get worked up about stuff. Oh well. I did the conversion out of pure fun and just to see if it could be done without using one of the converters that are floating out there. I pretty much knew that people wouldn't like it and would start crying about unoriginality, legality, etc..

Mabye I will take some of my uncreativeness and lack of skills and put it towards the RA3 map that I am working on.

Mabye even include the dm2 conversion as a pickup! TeeHee


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GibFest unregistered
#4   13 Jan 2000
A big 3D model would have looked good in the main room.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   13 Jan 2000
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Krell unregistered
#2   13 Jan 2000
You know....these things wouldn't bother me so much..if it was kinda the same layout but used the actual quake3 textures and quake3 engines capabilities.....I can't stand true the jesus you see on the wall there.....wouldn't that have been a perfect place for the one quake3 offers?.....if I wanted to play the original...I'll just go play quake1......
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Essobie unregistered
#1   13 Jan 2000
I don't understand it... I thought that id Software made it quite clear that level conversions of original maps (especially cross engine [quake 1 to quake 3]) were QUITE illegal to make.

Was I wrong?

And on a none legal note, why do people insist on playing new versions of old maps?


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